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The opposition to breast massage

unfairWith the advent of registration, commercialization and developing political correctness within the massage industry in some countries, the female breasts have been omitted in many massage school curriculum's. The USA is the leading protagonist against breast massage as it seems that unfortunately a large number of Americans view the breasts purely as sexual organs and indecent.

Many countries have laws outlawing breasts in public places to the extent that even breast feeding has been criminalised. This is perverted and never should have been allowed, yet it persists.

The female breasts are designed to produce the milk needed to sustain children in the first years of life but today as women are often wait until they are in their 30's before having their fist child and their breasts confined to often badly fitting bras. Regular breast massage keeps the breasts healthy for that time when they are needed to nurture.

bigotryThe female breasts are made up of fatty tissue, milk producing glands, lymphatic ducts and nodes which benefit greatly from being massaged. The breasts of Western women are are more susceptible to breast cancer than women in developing cultures as they do not breast feed to the same extent and their breasts are confined to a restrictive brassier for a greater part of their lives.

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