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RSI-OOS Prevention/ Treatments

Repetitive Stress Injuries


As this condition is caused by repetitive movements over a long period of time, the ways to prevent this painful occurrence are to add more variety to the tasks performed and to take breaks where you use your limbs and muscles in a completely different way from when working.

The technical aspects of Stress Disorders from typing and computer use suggest that wrist position may contribute to the problem. Workplace ergonomics have long been thought to be a contributing factor and the alteration of the worksite is a must for anyone doing any type of repetitive work. Wrist supports, chair and desk height are important. Many medical clinics have information on this.

Regular stretching and physical exercise will help to prevent the build up of Cumulative Trauma and Stress Disorders. Have regular rest periods and stretch those muscles to extend your range of movement to your comfortable maximum. Yoga, Tai chi and swimming are excellent for this as are vigorous exercise helps to eliminate the build up of waste products in the body. Sweat by playing tennis, swimming, running, martial arts, aerobics, yoga.

For those using computers and other short range repetitive movements, it helps to:

  1. take regular stretch breaks;
    stretch out those muscles in a different way to your occupational use.
    remember those eye rests prescribed and almost no one takes, and then wonder why eye sight fails?
  2. set your mouse to slow travel, this make your arm movements greater, creating more stimulating exercise
  3. take time out to relax completely
  4. learn to recognize and deal with stress factors in your life


There is a lot of evidence that exercise will assist recovery from the symptoms of Cumulative Trauma and Stress Disorders, while rest and total relaxation are very important, the more completely you are able to relax the body and have complete rest, the better you body is able to respond to stresses either physical or mental.

Exercise to:

  1. maintain the energy flow within the body
  2. to extend energy to the extremities
  3. tone your whole body
  4. maintain flexibility of the joints
  5. exercise may need to be performed under supervision when the condition is chronic and painful.


Proven by the American Massage Association to be very effective for prevention and treatment at the acute and chronic stages which works by:

  1. physically removing the build up of toxins
  2. improving muscle tone and function
  3. improving circulation
  4. reducing inflammation
  5. restoring function

Exercise systems we suggest are, Yoga, Tai Chi & martial arts, Dance and what makes you feel good. Tennis and squash once the symptoms are established may cause further injury.
Surgery is an extreme solution to be used when all else has failed.

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