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FS cause & treatments

Treating frozen shoulder

This video describes an alternative cause of adhesive capsulitis, also known as frozen shoulder syndrome. Most medical interventions direct treatment of this specific condition towards the shoulder joint, however, Dr. Francis X. Murphy has revolutionized the treatment options available for FSS sufferers with a form of occipital-atlanto analysis and diversified chiropractic adjusting, also known as the OTZ Method.

Acupressure For A Frozen Shoulder

Working into these points can be done as a part of the massage and you can buy the book at

Your Massage

As with so many other conditions, FS is only one of many stresses in the body and the best treatment involves relieving all stress and not just treating the most severe.

As you massage the back, take note of the differences in the muscles and bone positions of both shoulders and treat the region including the neck and back skull in detail and incorporate the pressure points as in the above video.

Massage and explanation from another school

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