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Persistent pain in the head

Migraine is a chronic disorder characterized by recurrent moderate to severe headaches often in association with a number of autonomic nervous system symptoms. The word derives from the Greek "pain on one side of the head" and often there is little response to pain medications.

There is seldom any one cause, and when diet and lifestyle issues have been resolved, massage is one of the best treatments (as per headaches).

Osho responds to the question:

I'm still getting migraine and I feel it must be caused by something very deep. I don't go into them as much — I keep on working and they often dissolve. But sometimes I long for night-time to just go into oblivion.

No, it is nothing deep. Even the head is not very deep, so how can a headache be? You have just got into the habit of it. It is really no longer a disease but just a learned habit.

It can happen that a real disease may disappear and it will leave just a trace. The mind takes the cue from that trace and starts imagining it again and again and again. But as far as you and your misery is concerned, it is the same; whether it is real or unreal makes no difference. Just by saying it is unreal or mental does not help at all because you suffer almost in the same way. I see it is just a learned pattern.

So you have to unlearn it. Migraine is more or less always a habit. You have much energy. That’s why, when you are using it, the headache disappears. When you are not using it the energy accumulates and moves into the channel and again the headache is there. So if you are really into the work deeply, the headache may dissolve into it because it will not be getting energy.

Forget all about it. Paying attention to it is bad; even thinking about it is bad. If it happens, it is okay. Just say, “Hello, how are you?” and forget all about it. Put your energy more and more into work. You have a tremendous amount of energy, an extraordinary amount of energy. You are not a low energy person; you are a high energy person.

All the energy has to be used creatively; otherwise it will give you trouble. Even energy, something so valuable as energy, can become a curse if you don’t use it. So simply use it. Move into work more and more, and let work be your meditation. Don’t pay much attention to the migraine, and suddenly one day you will recognise that for many days it has not happened. But then don’t worry about that!

It may be concerned with your sex because it is concerned with energy. Anything concerned with energy is also concerned with sex. Migraine has its origin somewhere in sex energy. The energy arises too much at the sex center and you don’t know what to do with it, so it takes its roots whereever it can. Now, up to your third eye center the energy is moving in a haphazard way; that’s why you get the migraine. If the same energy moves in a right channel, you will start having many yogic experiences, because it is the same energy and at the same place where migraine starts. It is the same place where people start having tremendously beautiful experiences of light, colors, smells. But your energy is moving in a zig-zag way.

Once your migraine has disappeared for a few days I will give you a method to move that energy into a right channel. Right now if you try to move it, it will move into the old channel again, because the old channel has become very very deep. Whenever you try to move the energy, it will move in the old channel and will give you a headache. For a few days those channels have to be stopped completely.

So just be indifferent. Put your energy somewhere else so that the energy moves into the work and the level of energy falls below so it doesn't reach the head. Because this energy is moving so fast and reaches your head so easily, it may prove a blessing later on. When the right channel has been broken, you may be very easily able to bring the energy up. So don’t be worried about it.

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  1. Massage
    As with Headaches, talking to establish physiological weaknesses and the full body approach is best as it helps to take the focus away from the head and over a course of treatments, some relief and overall improvement must be seen to validate continued treatments.
  2. Yoga
    Balanced workouts over a month often begin to reduce symptoms
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