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Massage & Diabetes

Primary care

Massage is a wonderful form of therapy which can help bring emotional and physical comfort to diabetics, helping to soothe the nervous system, improve circulation and maintain the elasticity of body tissues. Massage can also help to improve the uptake of insulin by the cells and massage of the hands and feet can be particularly beneficial.

Type 2 diabetes can be eliminated by following a wholefood diet without sugar, it take about a week to ten days to clear.

There are as many benefits of massage therapy for people with diabetes as there are for the general population, but of particular interest for diabetics is the relaxation as living with diabetes is stressful due to fluctuating blood sugar levels as well as the challenges in adapting ones life to living as a diabetic.

For the the diabetic receiving a massage, the most important aspect to remember is monitoring blood glucose levels which can change when receiving massage. While these changes happen all the time, regardless of massage. But because of the relaxing nature of massage, and the somewhat altered state of awareness that can occur, a drop in blood sugar can be difficult to notice.

Complementary Therapies and the Management of Diabetes and Vascular Disease: A Matter of Balance (Practical Diabetes)Some diabetics can tell when their sugar level is dropping. Others experience what is called hypoglycemic unawareness, in which they are not cognizant of a serious drop in blood sugar. Even people who usually are mindful can occasionally experience hypoglycemic unawareness.


While massage is beneficial for diabetics, do check in with your client from time to time as to how they are feeling and after the massage double check that they feel well without any symptoms of associated with diabetes such as light headedness or dizzyness.

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