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Massage for menopause pain relief

Natural pain and stress relief

Very often women have suffered years of work, challenging relationships and child raising during which time the menstrual cycle has been less than regular.  Menopause is the time when the body stops producing eggs and for many women it is as if a part of them dies, while others are relieved that the menstrual cycle is over.

Every woman is different, yet all suffer common symptoms ranging from moodiness to physical (abdominal) pain without any obvious reason.  Holistically, pain is a symptom of stress wherever it occurs in the body and massage addresses this without recourse to medications.

Treatments involve a full body massage to release general stress with deep massage into the abdomen and genital area.  Massage breaks up the tension in the reproductive tissues, some of which have physical causes and others emotional causes. Therapists work in consultation and conversations about hidden life issues often occur.

This treatment is the same as for menstrual problems and it may not be for the shy woman, yet it works by providing almost instant relief and is kinder to body and self than a visit to the gynaecologist.

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