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Prostate problems are common and prostrate enlargement effects about 50% of all men and begins from about age 40 and is more apparent in men over age 60.

With prostate enlargement comes a host of difficulties from discomfort to erectile and urinary problems and often prostate cancer.

Prostate massage was once a popular therapeutic method of treating prostatitis in Western hospitals until the early 1970s but was discontinued due to the development of new drugs which provided a more abstract approach to treating prostate problems. However, since the discontinuation of this treatment, there have been a number of prostrate massage devices that have been developed over the past decades.

Today here seem to be few massage therapists willing to consider prostrate massage, however there are a number of staunch advocates who claim that regular prostrate massages will not only correct prostate enlargement, but may help to prevent prostate cancer.

How To Perform Prostate Massage

To massage the prostate, the procedure is to use an index finger(s) inserted into the rectum and gently massage the lobes on either side of the prostate using no more pressure than if massaging or rubbing an eyeball.


  • Use a water-based lube and gradually insert your finger(s) into his anus
  • Experiment with various positions that allow for easy access
  • When the man is comfortable, move your finger(s) in an upward motion along the wall of the rectal lining that faces the front of his body
  • Try to locate a round bulb of tissue — this is the prostate.
  • Once you locate this area, move your finger(s) in a "come here" motion, as if you were asking someone to move closer to you.
  • Use your finger pad(s) on the tip(s) of your finger(s) to massage the prostate, and be mindful of not using your nail(s).
  • Get feed back and adjust the pressure and speed as required and note that vigorous prostatic massage may be very dangerous.

For men who have acute bacterial prostatitis it can result in septicaemia (blood poisoning). If they have the beginnings of a carcinoma in the prostate, it could conceivably result in the cancer being disturbed, broken up and metastasized (spread) around your body. Thirdly, it can result in prostatic calculi (little stones) tearing the delicate membranes in the prostate, exacerbating  CP/CPPS. Fourthly, there is a chance of perforation of the very thin rectal lining adjacent to the prostate, or tearing the rectal lining with a fingernail or implement. Fifthly, it may cause a hemorrhoid flare-up. In short, do NOT ask for or offerr prostate "massage" unless you have considered all the above points carefully.

A researching urologist adds that "vigorous pressure can result in tearing the very short segment of the urethra just below the prostate and immediately before the beginning of the penile urethra (this part is usually referred to as "membranous urethra"). The tearing can be very small and indistinguishable on routine examination but during the healing process this results in urethral stricture. In short, if the person giving you a massage has short fingers there is a significant probability that he/she might give you... a urethral stricture."

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