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Stress Relief

Relieving suffering on all levels

Humanity suffers a wide range of personal and natural stress and disasters which cause anxiety, negative judgements, unresolved anger, pain, grief and suffering.

In times of stress, everyone has different coping methods, some may sit with friends and family over cups of tea to discuss the problem, some may pray to God, others turn to alcohol or drugs, others may workout and enjoy the power of their bodies.

Tea, conversations and the company of those prepared to listen may help to rationalise the problems faced and help to restore a sense of balance, companionship and comfort.

The Stress Relief provided by massage is immense, the body is our ground, an extension of the earth and when we immerse ourselves into our bodies, the mind also becomes absorbed into the sensory awareness and stress is released.

Few therapists are trained to work holistically and typically will treat only the affected area, however in practice, a more complete integrative full body massage is many times as effective and the relief more lasting than just a back rub.


Here you are probably dealing with stress on many levels, and where the mental or emotional stress is greater, a softer and more sensual approach is often more beneficial.

Where the stress is purely physical, then a firmer and more vigorous treatment may be appropriate.

To more fully understand the nature of stress, much of which comes from social inequity, leaning toward tantra in your life will help you to relax and tantra massage empower clients to become less stressed.

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