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Learning Massage

Acquire skills for living


Clinical massage

As massage is instinctive, everyone has basic skills to begin with, hands to touch and a level of sensitivity. Training provides greater context and methodology; the why, when and how to achieve specific results.

If you are contemplating learning massage to be of service to others, options are to: have some massages yourself from different therapists to discover what benefits you the most and talk to the therapist about their training.

Once you have an idea of what style of massage you want to learn, it is simply a matter of enrolling in a course and completing your program of choice.

Most institutions offer a range of courses:

Learn to massage your friends and family - such a course will cover basic health and safety, and competency to perform a range of massage techniques to give a relaxing massage with 2 - 10 hours tuition.

Professional training varies widely. There are diploma courses which can be completed in 10 hours. Such a course is elementary and provides basic massage skills, however it can be sufficient to provide a 'foot in the door' and a start in the industry. Ongoing study will be required to achieve a professional status.

By Contrast some courses take up to five years and cost many thousands of dollars. In such a course, one would expect very high academic standards including learning anatomy, physiology and pathology to the level of a medical doctor as well as mastering the hands on application of the massage techniques. With these skills a practitioner should be able to assist clients overcome serious medical problems and work in with multi disciplinary teams.

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