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Beauty Therapy Massage

The epitome of political correctness

Often referred to as relaxation massage, this style of massage is common to many spas and beauty therapy clinics. Handed down from American(USA) institutions, the person is mostly covered and the hip/ buttock area and the front torso are not touched (not massaged).

It's so weird in this women's domain. She goes for a Brazilian wax and possibly an manicure/pedicure or other treatments including a massage. The back massage is from the waist to the shoulders and the leg massage covers from the feet to the mid thigh.

The hip and buttock muscles are the largest and often the most stressed muscles in the body and it's a disservice not to include them. As for the front torso, massage is good for those stretch marks and honours the belly though many women are ashamed they don't have figures like the models on TV. Breast massage is healthy for the breasts and may help prevent breast cancer and it'll certainly revel any irregularities.

This style of massage has its benefits for the body area worked on, but it only serves to reinforce limitation.

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