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What is Sensual?

Understanding Our Bodies and Ourselves in Massage

All massage is sensual and there is no such thing as a non sensual massage, its all just a game in your mind.

But before we start, lets remember that we perceive the world through our senses and that our entire life experience is sensual. We have a choice to sense pleasure, pain or indifference.

Sensual in Massage

What most consider sensual massage is a massage that's a bit of a sexual turn on, a massage that arouses sexual interest and in the right setting with the right person, it a nice recreational pastime that often leads to sex.

The differences between sensual and therapeutic massage

  • sensual massage attempts to entice pain and discomfort to release
  • sensual massage attempts to provide deep relaxation
  • therapeutic massage attempts to 'fix' by creating the grounds for relaxation and stress release in a more technical manner
  • therapeutic massage is an adaptation to science and political correctness

Today all therapists must negotiate the mire of political correctness which is the cause of our inhibitions,
negativity and judgemental limitations.

“You cannot solve a problem from the same consciousness that created it.
You must learn to see the world anew.”

Albert Einstein

  • Massage is a combined system of healing and personal growth
  • Massage is a process which lays everything bare for the recipient as much as they allow
  • You as the therapist are a facilitator for that person in that moment of their journey.
  • Getting comfortable with your own body is a yogic process of self discovery and self awareness.
  • Its a process of knowing oneself, and
  • Until we unreservedly accept ourselves including our bodies, we cannot progress.

The honest way to be

Some have said that if they looked like the models pictured here, they'd be happy to be naked, but we don't all look like this and nor should we want to. We are all unique, so lets accept that and move on.

Today, our lives and our bodies are highly politicised. Everyone is taught to judge themselves and others which is divisive for ourselves and society. Negative attitudes, toward people, towards things, towards ourselves and our bodies are habit forming and destructive.

Facing our fears and problems associated with nudity:

  • Being seen naked
    • Of course we were born naked and we were totally unconcerned about our nakedness until we were educated and taught to believe it is wrong.
    • His disciples said to him, "When will you be visible to us, and when shall we behold you?" He said, "When you strip naked without being ashamed, and take your garments and put them under your feet like little children and tread upon them, then you will see the child of the Living, and you will not be afraid."
      Jesus in the Gospel of Thomas verse 37.
    • To overcome being seen naked, get used to seeing yourself naked in your own home and with like minded friends.
  • Getting aroused
    • Who cares, really? It's only you as long as you don't try and force yourself on anyone else.
  • Getting caught looking
    • Who cares? really, It's only you.
    • When your comfortable inside your own skin, it matters not who looks and one can always ask why.


With trust, this is the ideal way to enjoy massage

We are not here to change the world, but we are here to grow toward freedom. Freedom and improved heath and fitness in our bodies, freedom from attitudes that are so engrained, we don't know they exist. When you consider we are born naked and leave the body when we die, the body is our vehicle, our earthly home which we need to accept and know, inside and out including the seven chakras.

Accept your body!
Until you unconditionally accept your own body, every time you massage someone, you will be applying your judgements on them!

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