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Happy Ending

Yes really

Everyone wants a happy ending and many massage clients are more concerned with happy endings than the massage itself as they focus on the destination and not the journey.

The happy ending referred to in the industry is a nice massage with masturbation at the end. This popular service has been available to middle and upper class men and upper class women for millennia. Today as women struggle for equity, they too are demanding this service in greater numbers leading to growth in sensual and tantric massage services.

In the video below, the behaviour of this masseuse is inappropriate for any therapeutic massage clinic and this is made for your entertainment feature. Any good massage without the sexual connotation will leave the client feeling much better and happiness is subjective.

The back rub followed by masturbation by the therapist has a long tradition stretching back for millennia and today women are demanding this service as well.

Happy ending for him
Happy ending for her

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