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Bowen Therapy

Restoring balance

Bowen Therapy is a stand-alone modality but has proven to have a high level of efficacy when thoughtfully utilized alongside other types of therapy.

While it is a 'hands on' therapy, it is a 'minimalist' approach to bodywork, the low-contact level of the work being especially advantageous in situations where patient comfort-level is low. Therapists can also treat several patients at the same time; such is the design of the technique and its application.

Massage therapists around the world can attest to the dynamic nature of this work. A major advantage is that it can be used when other manual therapies may not be appropriate, such as with very new babies, frail elderly people or in cases of extreme trauma.

Bowen Therapy is an interpretation of the work of Australian bodywork genius, Tom Bowen (1916-1982). Bowen was a product of his time, a unique healer among a small group of unique healers during the 1950s - 1980s.

Bowen never taught anyone his technique in a formal sense but allowed a small group of people to observe him work over lengthy periods. It is from contact with six of the surviving observers that ISBT has developed its understanding and interpretation of the work. This broader understanding is important when you realise that each person who observed Bowen had to develop their own interpretation of what he was doing, usually based on their own level of training and experience. Interpretations vary but there are strong common threads that link it all.

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