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Russian style

The art of massage from Elena Zemskova's school of massage offers new insight into the potential of dynamic holistic bodywork. To get to this point in practise, one must have mastered the regular "Swedish" or therapeutic massage techniques.

Elena says:

"How many pages on the Internet devoted to this topic !?
How many articles in magazines !?
How many beauty salons, SPA-and fitness centres in Russia are proud to write in their price lists this name: Хиромассаж!
He has many faces, it is individual, it is exclusive!

He - the best technology in the hands of a master! Many years he stirs Russia and not only, and is still considered a novelty. Certainly, in comparison with the classic massage technique is pretty young, more than half century, but during this time Хиромассаж has proved to be the best side. And in caring for the person and the care of the body it has no equal.

- Drain effect
- Relaxing,
- Lifting,
- Analgesic,
- Anti-cellulite,
- Forming a face and body contours,
- Return elasticity
- Restores joint mobility.

All this - Хиромассаж.

And although the technique to target the muscles and joints, the path to them is through the nervous and circulatory systems. Given the phased construction of a massage treatment (effect on the nervous system, cardiovascular, muscle and joint), Хиромассаж covers all systems of the human body. Mastering the technique Хиромассаж, the master becomes the creator of the new reality for ourselves and for the client.Creative and intelligent approach to massage + fascinatingly beautiful movements make Хиромассаж unforgettable. Enthusiastically wide-open eyes of the customer and the question: "What was that?" - Has long been nothing new masters working in the art Хиромассаж.

We are not going to ask a rhetorical question: "Do you want to learn how to work this way? "Do not write a banal hackneyed phrase: "Come - to teach!

"Needless to remind that this is the most demanded and expensive massage technique in Russia. 12 years of practical application in the best beauty salons across the country and abroad, thousands of students, trainees, and the need to hold seminars on Хиромассаж as often as possible in order to accommodate all those speak for themselves!"

Chiromassage Presentation

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