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Deep Tissue Massage

brailleSometimes thought of as remedial massage, deep tissue massage techniques involve pressing very firmly into the body tissues to access the deeper muscles.

Unfortunately this approach often causes bruising and pain. The application of to much pressure into muscles that have been insufficiently warmed up is nearly always painful and a deterrent to massage.

While deep tissue work is valid, there are many ways to achieve it from acupressure to rolfing and tragar.  But deep tissue may also just be a very firm to hard massage in any style, so it's very hard to define.

Hence the need for training and for therapists to work sensitively so as not to cause pain.

The philosophy of this school says that such excess pain is unhealthy and counter productive. Our holistic bodywork massage style combines yoga stretches with massage so that the affected muscles are stretched and flexed in a way that does not cause any tissue damage or bruising. Furthermore, the limbs are moved to better expose deeper layers of muscles for direct massage.


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