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Energy Healing

Divine connection

Access the power flowing through the universe, become plugged in and not only heel, but excel.  Energy healing is known as Reiki, distance healing, energy medicine, vibrational medicine, spiritual healing and by other terms.

Energy healing is a valid we researched and widely practised healing modality outside the normal physical level that does not involve the use of any drugs, surgeries or conventional medical treatments.

Energy follows thought
It is a branch of holistic medicine which focuses on the use of the human energy field to release the stresses which are seen as the root cause of all illnesses and all healing is accomplished through non-physical and often intangible means.

The Phenomenon of Stress
Everything we do, every activity and every interaction we have with things and people in our world imprint into out minds. When those interactions are neutral to enjoyable, when after the activity there is no residual angst, concern, fear or unsatisfied emotion, we are happy and stress does not accumulate. But when our relationships within our world which may be other people, animals and other material things we deal with like money and institutions do not go well, when those relationships leave us feeling badly, this stress is occurring in our minds, but our minds cannot store this stress, so it is stored in our body.

Mental and emotional stress becomes a physical stress and is stored in the tissues of our bodies where it places the cells under stress, restricting circulation and function. Over time stress becomes an epidemic within our bodies cellular structure, shutting down the immune system, creating a breeding ground for disease and imposing limitations on our life.

No matter how sick a person is, once the those destructive cellular memories are cleared and the internal stresses caused them are removed, the bodies immune system will begin to function the way it's supposed to and eliminate all disease, and there's nothing the body is not capable of healing, even cancers.

Energy healing does not cure any disease, it treats the causes of all diseases and once the cause is removed, the body heals itself.

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