Life is meant to be blissful
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Cause of Illness

Ignorance and fear

All illness begins in the mind, an expression that has been used for thousands of years and this is a key to understanding in energy healing as what happens is:

  • Every life experience, every interaction with other people and between oneself and the environment is a form of confrontation which impacts our mind.
  • If that interaction leaves any unpleasantness, any angst or bad feeling, this is stored as a stress in our cellular memory until we forgive.
  • This stored stress then weakens the body over time and healing will only happen when the cellular memory is released.
  • Problems are usually compounded as spirit is depressed, poor diet and lifestyle result.

Our life is a continuous mental, emotional and sensual experience. We are continuously interacting with our world and the people in it and we experience this though our senses and our minds. Our senses convey information, our mind processes information, but neither have any capacity to store information.

The mind being in charge, but unable to store stress, sends all stresses and stores them in our body cells and although the cells replicate, the stress energy is also transferred to the replacement cells.

The stored stress compromises the ability of the cells ability to function creating a breeding ground for disease and over time weakening the immune system which allows pathogens to invade and causing illnesses.

There are many types of stress and some are caused and locked in by the fact that we have been lied to all our lives and we take on erroneous beliefs. The absolute truth is known to very few and when it does appear before us, we are so lost in our delusions that truth is unrecognisable. This is likened to the saying that if Christ walked amongst us today, he would be unrecognised by most.

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