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Channelling divine energy

sunmoonReiki strictly speaking is not massage at all although it is being practised by an increasing number of massage therapists.

Reiki is in fact an energy healing technique that involves the channelling of energy for healing through the laying on of hands without the patient having to undress. The energy is thought to flow to wherever it is required in the body, replacing stress with deep relaxation. A certified Reiki practitioner acts as a medium to transfer and replace energy. This creates a balance between the life force of the individual or receiver and the life force of the universe.

Reiki (pronounced rey-key) is a Japanese word meaning Universal life energy. Its history is fascinating and reads almost legend like. It is based on ancient Tibetan Buddhist teachings rediscovered in the mid 1800s by a Dr Mikao Usui, a professor of theology at a Christian seminary in Kyoto, Japan. The story begins when Dr Usai sets out on a journey to answer his students challenging question How did Jesus Christ heal using the lay on of hands?.

Dr Usui set out on his soul-searching journey firstly to America, but after much research and many years later he found himself back in Japan at the top of a holy mountain. Usai had been there for 21 day in deep mediation when suddenly a beautiful gold light hit him in the center of his forehead. Usai was awoken as he was embursed with a great healing energy. Usai got up and walked down the mountain where he began healing people and Reiki was born.

The benefits of Reiki are primarily stress reducing which effects whole health long term. The main theory basis of Reiki is the positioning of the hands. A practitioner would position their hands over the chakra system of the clothed receiver. The chakra system lies secondary to the endocrine system, the vital body system involving hormonal secretion.

Our hormones regulate much of our growth and developmental progress. They maintain our reproductive functions, provide our flight or fight stress response as well as playing the most active role in the immunity response. Any malfunctions can leave a person feeling stressed and tired producing an overall feeling of general unwellness. This is the basis of disease manifestation. This is why our primary functions are so vital to secondary health.

To grasp the concept of Reiki one does require an open mind as it does not hold any credible scientific fact. During a session of Reiki don't except to see the energy with the eye, as it does not go like this. It is an unseen energy force, that a Master must attune his student too. It is accredited to distance healing and has been known to heal across great distances. A person need not be of any religion or succumb to any certain beliefs, all one requires is the need to be healed. It does however hold genuine appeal in its known benefits. People have reported to feel profound physical, emotional and mental benefits. Those who practice it swear by it. Reiki is a healing modality that has kept itself alive.

Reiki has similarities to Shen and spiritual healing.

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