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Shen Therapy


"SHEN is all about emotional growth and positive, empowering change, it is all about throwing off me old emotional pain that hooks you and steals your power to live your life the way you want"

SHEN Physio-Emotional Release Therapy
Many of us work very hard to understand the past events that shape our current responses to life, only to find that learning the cause does not always deal with old emotional reactions that keep tripping us up. We used to think the brain controlled our emotions, but phrases like, 'driven by anger; overwhelmed by grief; or 'in the grip of fear; tell us differently. No matter how hard we try to override them, deeply buried emotions clearly have a 'mind of their own', often driving us to say or do things we wish we hadn't.

Why don't we let go of old emotions like fear, sadness and shame? We can't, because painful emotions trigger a contraction called the 'splinting reflex', a reflex meant to prevent tissue damage from a broken bone's sharp ends. Unfortunately, the brain cannot reverse this pain~reflex when it contracts around, and traps, painful emotions. Over time, our minds may no longer remember them, but our bodies do. From deep inside, old painful emotions continue to influence our thoughts, our actions, and our bodies as well.

Our bodies 'act up' when emotionally upset. Painful emotions are usually fleeting, but if they go on for a long time, our bodies suffer. For example, long term fear or anger can lead to eating disorders, and trapped grief to heart or lung problems. Until recently, how this happens was not clear, but we now think long4erm contractions around painful emotions cause organ dysfunction by interfering with the flow of blood and other nutrients. Thus, they are often responsible for many conditions labelled 'psychosomatic'.

To free ourselves - to live the way we want, we have to reverse the harmful effects of these pain-contractions.

SHEN is a safe, reliable process that heals by unlocking trapped, painful emotion that we cannot unlock by ourselves, and lifting it from the body.

SHEN HELPS if you are:

  • In a traumatic life crisis
  • Constantly overreacting
  • Out of touch with your emotions


  • Chronic pain no one can explain
  • Eating disorders
  • Emotional depression
  • Migraines Pre-menstrual distress
  • Blocked sexual feelings
  • Panic attacks Post-traumatic stress
  • Emotionally upset bowels
  • Recurrent nightmares
  • Recovery from addictions, or emotional and/or sexual abuse

SHEN is not medical treatment, psychotherapy or counselling, and is not meant to replace them.

Certified SHEN Practitioners are skilled in reversing the effects of these pain-contractions and enabling the painful emotions to leave. They do this by directing the biofield, or 'qi-energy', between their hands through your body, using new, potent techniques tested over years of clinical research. While being SHENned, you recline, fully dressed, on a special SHEN table. You may feel tingles or other sensations as you relax, fall asleep or enter a state similar to meditation. Frequently, memories of forgotten, pivotal events surface. Usually more than one session is needed for the trapped feelings of sadness, fear, shame or anger to rise from your body and dissipate. This takes place in a safe, non-threatening and enabling way.

Yes, you feel the emotions as they surface and leave, but, when they are gone, you will once again be able to reach long forgotten levels of joy, love, confidence, health and well-being.

"It felt wonderful... as if I had rediscovered an essential part of my being." J. A.
"SHEN has reached to my very core in releasing many old emotions... I feel freer on every level." ...D. A.

Shen can be seen as a form of energy healing and has similarities to Reiki.

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