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Spiritual Healing

May the blessing of love and light be upon you

Has been with us since time began. It arises through the recognition that we are ultimately spiritual beings and that illness is a spiritual emergency.  Spiritual healing is often practised today within many churches and there is a rich history in all civilizations.

New processes and methods are being developed, and validated as real by science, to assist the healing process by practising professional healers.

Turning to God and the realm of the spirit in prayer and the laying on of hands have long been used in times of sickness and disaster, often as a last resort, and miracles do happen, prayer can be effective when all else has failed.

Spiritual healing is when spirit intervenes to heal allowing peace, prosperity and joy in life.
Spirit sees any illness or injury as a symptom of life imbalance.
It is not only sickness of body and mind, but mistrust, crime, civil unrest and war are all symptoms of imbalance and spiritually curable.

Spirit sees life and the universe as energy, physical, mental and spiritual. Any imbalance in any one energy layer when untreated, over time weakens other layers eventually leading to discomfort and disease. Spiritual healing increases spirit and spirit can be directed by healers to affect physical problems.

Spiritual healing can be almost any positive supporting activity such as contemplation, prayer, meditation, the laying on of hands, herbal medicine and counselling. Restoration is the intervention of spirit to effect healing and can involve modern medicine and technology, and/or herbal medicine, support, laying on of hands, counselling, tarot, prayer, desire and will to heal.

Hands of Light: Guide to Healing Through the Human Energy FieldThe phenomenon of spiritual healing is well known and practised today. Spiritual healers exist in all communities, Jesus and Joan of Arc are two historic healers and you will find spiritualists, shamans, channels, clairvoyants, reiki and massage therapists, herbalists and physicians in all countries and communities.

Spiritual healing has little or no official recognition in contemporary western civilization, and in some countries been outlawed by pressure of churches and corporations. From before the start of the industrial revolution spirituality has been suppressed as the burning of witches and heretics who were often the educated community healers of the time, and everyone has the capacity to become a spiritual healer.

The journey to become a spiritual healer could be as simple as attending classes, meditating and developing strong compassion, or it can be as a result of experiencing the healing process.

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