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Does Spirit Exist?

Power that defines us

This is a widely debated topic with divisions of opinion between believers and non believers. Non believers argue that there is no scientific proof of the human spirit and that all spiritual experiences have a material explanation such as chemical reactions in the brain, natural phenomena or even fraud. However spiritual words and concepts pervade our language and literature which originate from shamanism, religions, new age mystics and individuals who have experienced what can only be described as 'spiritual experiences'.

Nature and spirit are often interchanged as when referring to someone with a generous spirit or generous nature or a scrooge being the mean spirited person while the person who is often calm and can understand problems and explain the relationships or reasons that another is suffering is often described as being spiritual.

Energy and Matter
First lets look at our body as it is tangible and science has discovered how much of the body functions and the effects the body parts have on each other. We also know as with all matter, our bodies are made up of many materials which include proteins, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and functioning things that constitute and support body function.

Now if we dissect any body part, we descend to smaller and smaller pieces till we get down to molecules, then we arrive at the atom. This was for a long time considered the smallest thing, however the atom to has been dissected and its power released for use in nuclear devices.

So when the atom and its components are dissected, there is no more physical matter, only energy which when uncontained can be devastating as in a nuclear explosion and energy and matter are confirmed as our reality but are controlled by our thoughts or consciousness.

Energy itself is thought to be benign and the sustenance of life. It is referred to as Prana or Chi that nourishes our being, but can also be harnessed as in martial arts to protect oneself or even to be destructive.

From the philosophy of yoga, we have the concept that our thoughts are physical and the concept that we are all connected by consciousness and science agrees that our thoughts can effect our health, behaviour and other people.

We know that we have thoughts in relation or reaction to other thoughts. We know that if we are unhappy, by deliberately having positive thoughts our mood will improve. We also know that if we are with people with a negative disposition, those who somehow enjoy being in a state of constant misery, we to risk becoming depressed. Thoughts have power for benefit or detriment, it's up to us to decide what we think as our thoughts help determine how we feel and that thoughts from our thinking brain are a response or reaction to phenomena within our awareness and a tool for calculus and are subservient to our will or consciousness.

We know that at the end of our life when consciousness leaves our body, the body begins to break down or decay which is common of all living things. The question here is, does our consciousness only exist in our physical brain?

We all have unusual but common things which occur in consciousness which some see as psychic phenomena such as shared thoughts, precognition, of knowing who is calling when the phone rings. Then we have less common phenomena such as prophetic dreams and shared conscious experiences when those individuals are hundreds or even continents apart. These things are not explainable by any modern science and being unexplainable are dismissed, but governments spend a lot of money investigating and looking for ways to establish controls over these phenomena.

In Yoga Philosophy, consciousness is the stuff that binds not only humanity, but all living things. It tells us that when our consciousness departs the body at death, the body returns to the elements it was made of and that in our dreams and meditations, we can travel and even meet other beings and that there are many dimensions parallel to our existence and that we can experience inter-dimensional experiences by moving in consciousness.

Consciousness and Spirit
These two words seem to be interchangeable, was it spirit, or some conscious force moved you to act and you find yourself reading this page?

Many thousands of books have been written on this these topics and it is up to the reader to decide if spirit and consciousness are real or not, but the common element among believers is that the belief or the acceptance of the possibility that the human spirit exists provides hope and new understanding along with insights and resources to help build a brighter future in a peaceful world.

"I think therefore I know I am" is a famous quotation discussed in wikipedia

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