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Our Life and Planet

Why are we here?

Are we really here to make war or to struggle to dominate each other? Our planetary home is said to be unique and yet here we are busy polluting it, raping the lands, forests & oceans for all that can be turned into profit.

Humanity is engaged in an epic struggle for food, land, water and resources as a part of a greater economic struggle for power, control and prestige. The consequences are mass poverty, a level of suffering unparalleled in human history yet at the same time we have the greatest opportunity ever to create a sustainable civilization where there is an end to suffering and paradise returns to Earth.

Surely there must be a better way to meet all our needs, a way to feed our entire population and provide a comfortable lifestyle?

Here our guides offer insights and solutions to our most pressing problems as well as new hope and ways toward a better future.

Kassanda Talks about our Planetary Situation
Part 1.

Kassanda Talks about our Planetary Situation
Part 2.
How to bring yourself into balance and create a happier life on earth.

An overview of life on Earth and who we are from Magenta Pixie and the White Winged Consciousness of Nine

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