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Our spiritual evolution on planet Earth is a phenomenon often referred to by some as "Ascension". But what exactly are we speaking of in terms of this notion? It is a concept that may be confusing and perhaps fearful to some. But it is not some kind of interplanetary spontaneous combustion, where all of a sudden "poof" our physical body is a little pile of dust and the rest of our self is floating around glowing, "between the worlds" or in the cosmic soup of our galactic existence. In all truth, "Ascension" is a very "down to earth" notion, grounded in physical reality. Ascension is all about getting really clear through the lens of our self perception to accept and start living our own divine nature. In fact, our survival and the survival of this beautiful planet depend on it.

This requires that we experience our divine nature in real time, in the physical world. It translates into taking responsibility for our actions and the intent behind them. Choices are powerful. And so, ascension is really referring to the process of self-mastery for each and every member of humanity. As the Hermetic Doctrine states: "As above, so below." Ascension asks us to recognize that we are microcosms of the macrocosm, "starseeds" of the creator. As children of God/dess we possess the same blue print on a much smaller scale of course. We are meant to realize our God and Goddess selves incarnate, in body and create heaven on earth. This is not pie in the sky. There are very practical applications required to walk our divine walk and talk our divine talk, including shifting how we think and perceive ourselves. Quantum Scientists support this notion. Ascension is not some exorbitant workshop requiring this activation and that exclusive piece of knowledge, etc. I do agree that part of the process is our DNA evolving; starting at higher energy levels of our light bodies and finally manifesting at the physical. There is scientific research documenting the phenomenon of DNA evolution already taking place. But more importantly we have the opportunity to consciously participate in this process in very accessible ways.

Self-mastery is not exclusive to any group of people, belief system or economic bracket. It is truly time for each and every one of us to embrace who we are as "spiritual beings having a human experience". However, our negative ego consciousness gets in the way of conceiving and perceiving this possibility that we are God and Goddess incarnate. It has everything to do with how are brains have been wired over the past few thousand years, thereby causing us to feel very separate from the Creator and pretty much anything but "Godly".

According to Leonard Schlain's book "The Alphabet vs. the Goddess" we are in the process of rewiring our brains in a way, having been in a left brain orientation for the past few thousand years or so. In a channeled message from Archangel Uriel, I was told that this has resulted in an affect much like a brain concussion. The left brain analyzes and sees things as separate. The right brain sees things holistically and helps us feel connected. Ancient civilizations used to be more right brain oriented until the advent of the alphabet. The shift from hieroglyphs to alphabet sort of fried our brains. Perhaps the story of the Tower of Babel is an analogy for this event. When we speak of the Goddess consciousness re-emerging planetarily at this time, it is really about a return to thinking with the right brain; plugging into it's way of perceiving, understanding, problem solving, and feeling connected to each other and all of creation, instead of using the left brain (i.e. male dominant thought) exclusively. We are meant to use both sides of the brain equally and become whole. We are meant to heal the illusion of separation that has been induced by left brain dominant culture. The left brain corresponds with the Solar/God self. The right brain corresponds with the Lunar/Goddess self. Though generally speaking we incarnate in physical bodies that are either masculine or feminine, energetically just as the angels, and the Godhead we possess the energies and attributes of both God and Goddess, masculine and feminine. Hence our ability to both conceive a vision or goal and then proceed to manifest it. We draw on our solar and lunar self depending on the needs of our circumstances i.e. taking action a "masculine" attribute or using our instincts to make the best decision, a "feminine" attribute. The Creator is male and female; both and all.

Disconnection, separation and the experience of everything outside of the self as "other" is the innate predisposition of the analytical left brain. I believe this is a way to understand what the yogis speak of when referring to the world of illusion. A strictly left-brain orientation is third dimensional reality and for those who buy into this limited perception they believe it is the only one. Poor left brainers! One is the loneliest number.
Now even quantum physics has shown a vision of multi-dimensionality through string theory. The left brain orientation that we have inherited in more recent history has interfered with our ability to conceptualize our godselves in many ways in body, by creating this perception of third dimensional reality of limitation and alienation. But I believe now the time is at hand. Our brains are healing from the "concussion" Archangel Uriel spoke of. We see this phenomenon manifesting in many ways. Even corporate America is catching on. Companies in the US are hiring Intuition Consultants to teach their staff how to use this creative problem solving aspect of our right brain to give them an added edge in the market place. This is the result of corporate CEO's admitting that they do not base their most important decisions on analysis, but on gut instincts (that is right brain/intuition). Intuition is considered "the new frontier" of human evolution. When we hear slogans like "Goddess Rising" the mass consciousness is experiencing the healing of right brain oriented thought, referred to many as goddess consciousness; which in part provides the feeling of oneness and connection we have longed for within our selves and with one another. The cadeseus is originally said to represent the twin soul flames of Isis and Osiris, brother and sister, husband and wife, King and Queen, God and Goddess of Ancient Egypt. We can view this symbol's spiral as representing the DNA within our very own being reconnecting resparking all 12 strands of God and Goddess consciousness, as it weaves, re-balances, interconnects and intersects at new levels of our mind, body and spirit.

Conscious participation through practices such as meditation can support this process of balance and wholeness. The right brain connects us to the divine experience within, so we don't feel separate any longer, and at the same time connects us to all of humanity, as each person is a mirror of this phenomenon; the one called unconditional love for self and other. Meanwhile the left brain provides the experience of now relating our own unique individual expressions of our God and Goddess-selves, in body. This way we get the added benefit of experiencing how each and every separate and unique expression of humanity is sacred without exception. Pretty neat, huh? The "in-body" experiment is being taken to a new phase.

In practical terms self mastery does not have to be a remote, expensive or unattainable process. It can be facilitated through simple and affordable practices such as meditation, which quiets the left brain activity and bring us into harmony with the receptive qualities of the right brain. Energy healing clears the blocks to our inner light, particularly with its ability to healing the emotional body. Psychological counseling has helped us understand our issues intellectually (the left brain understanding), however the healing is often incomplete until resolution moves from the mental body into the emotional body (the right brain understanding). We have been very preoccupied with healing our issues mentally and analytically due to our predilection to the left brain approach. Only more recently has science been opening to the mind/body connection in order to achieve a total or holistic approach to wellness. Energy healing and meditation are examples of ways to achieve integration of our God (left brain) and Goddess/self (right brain).

Ascension is about increasing our light, through enlightenment in the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies, ridding ourselves of any stigmas of the stereo-typed masculine and feminine self, reigning in the negative ego that likes to beat up both, and thinking in healthier ways with both sides of our brain. As a result of spiritual growth and healing in our energy bodies (i.e. physical, emotional, mental and spiritual) we increase our light by coming into balance and embracing our totality. We accept the gifts of the god and goddess internally and externally; and unify internally. We experience sacred union, conjunction, oneness, wholeness, holiness. We ascend in body.

This is how we create heaven on earth, taking responsibility for healing the schism within, healing any issues we have externally with men and women, by healing our inner masculine and feminine that it be reflected back to us in circumstances of wholeness, not issues of other, separation and disconnection from the rest of humanity. Just like the hundred monkey theory, I believe through one epiphany at a time, one light bulb or "ah ha" moment, one energetic shift in body at a time, this evolution in consciousness will having a rippling outward affect as each of us plug in to our wholeness. The waves of awakening, connection, and return to unconditional love and remembering our oneness will wash over and uplift us all. We will ascend to a higher perspective and wisdom that we may see God and Goddess in all of creation and one another. Then we will actively begin to participate in co-creating heaven on earth in earnest.

Rev. Nancy Fanara-Berrian is a Master Teacher/Healer in Shamballa Multi-Dimensional Healing and Usui Reiki. Having studied metaphysics and energy healing for close to twenty years, she integrates these and other methods of natural healing to facilitate soul level healing for her clients. She offers a variety of workshops that focus on self mastery and spiritual growth and individual consultations by phone. A talented channel and medium, she is an ordained, Interfaith Minister, Priestess and Adept within the Fellowship of Isis.
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