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Spiritual Healing Defined

Harmonising energy and matter

Spiritual Healing is Essential Healing. Its pathway works through the Essential, or Vital Energy flow of the body. It is the ability to take away, correct, decimate and remove that which is the result of or which is caused by, the angers, stresses, impurities and other many distortions in the human body by intervention of and working within the Virtual Energy flow to the body.

Spiritual healing is not what Jesus did. He performed miracles and gave out miracles. Miracles work through the virtual energy flow to the body, not through the vital energy flow of the body. The Essenes were masters at spiritual healing.

When we talk about Spiritual Healing, we talk of 'transfer energy healing' that is, transfer of 'power' to cause the body to heal itself because it is low on its 'power' to do so.

Spiritual healing is not Applied healing, although it may use parts of Applied Healing techniques from time to time in order to assist the healing process. Applied healing works on treating the "effect", the "result" or the "symptom".

Spiritual Healing re-tunes and re-balances the bodies 'energies' allowing it to function more fully on what it has. It works on treating the "cause", often a deep emotional imbalance. One of many, which we as biological humans bury rather than get rid of ourselves, because the human body can usually handle our stressful situations by suppressing them inwardly.

Spiritual Healing is not natural healing, it is supernatural healing. It may cause natural healing to occur naturally as a result of treatment, because the supernatural causes the body to do so.


  • think that Spiritual Healing will treat everything, it will not! As with all of the other 4 forms of healing (Applied Healing, Natural Healing, Touch Healing and Faith Healing). . . Spiritual Healing is not a miracle cure.
  • believe that Spiritual Healing will relieve pain instantly. It can, but Spiritual Healing is regenerative - that takes time in any healing process.
  • consider that Spiritual Healing is another form of Aromatherapy, Massage, Meditation, Reiki, Reflexology etc. These are all credible and genuine forms of healing and Spiritual Healing does use a little of every one of these in its own process. Spiritual healing is different! Why? Because it is the only form of healing that transfers directly the energy of one's own Spiritual Balance, into another person where spiritual im-balance exists causing sickness.

Notes On Spiritual Healing
Healing is not limited to the natural ability of the body to regenerate. If it were, the body would have the limitations of a tree. Healing is both a natural ability, and an un-natural ability. Healing is a technique generated from both within and with-out the body and is dependent upon many things and a lot of different methods, the application of which is an art.

Healing is the natural ability of the mortal bodily functions linked together with its Spiritual One-ness to produce the facility of repair and reparation from within, through the Essence of the 'with-out'. Healing whether natural or transcribed, will not occur if that link to the 'with-out' is gone.

Spiritual healing is an art. It is a contribution to the 'presence' in each individuals life, an asset to future sisters and brothers within humankind. It is an ability that is God given.

Come to understand that there are necessary and essential things that you must practice in your work as a spiritual healer. Like an art needs certain tools, essential instruments or materials to work with, you to have a list of things that are essential.

When we talk of the Forces Of Nature, we speak according to the Ancients of the vital life force beyond which we as mortal men cannot go. It is thus necessary that when you do your spiritual healing you clearly recognise and pay respect to the aid that you are getting from those 'unseen' FORCES with-out which your healing would not occur.

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