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Erotic Massage

Just Naughty or Divine Bliss?


Erotic Massage
Flirtation, intimate teasing and maybe sex

Erotic Massage is a topic that main stream massage therapy and sectors of the public are afraid of, however there are many people, i.e. many millions who choose to celebrate their sexuality and accept their sexuality as valid aspects of the human body worthy of treatment in a non judgemental manner.

An erotic massage for ladies became widespread in the mid 1800's promising to heal sicknesses from neck to knee especially for women with physical or emotional symptoms such as headaches, emotional instability, melancholy, aggression, depression, feelings of lower abdominal heaviness, muscle pains and other discomfort now commonly linked to menstrual and emotional irregularities.

In the Victorian Era (1837-1901) physicians referred to these symptoms as female hysteria from the Greek idea of a "wandering womb seeking its proper place." The symptoms, according to their testing, could treated by the stimulation of the female genitals which induced “hysterical paroxysm.”

So this magical massage was simply genital massage or masturbation performed by doctors who perhaps never thought it could be taught to husbands and it was they who noting their wives discomfort would often send her off for a magic treatment. Over time the doctors tired of this service and as a result we now have the wide range of masturbatory (sex toys) gadgets that perform the same task without tiring.

Some people think that it isn't "sex" without penetration and because the doctor assumingly did not penetrate, this form of treatment was just a routine medical procedure. But today around the world, millions of men slip away to many main street parlours for a nice massage which ends with masturbation as a relaxing end to the service. But today, its not just men, women are also discovering this delight as reported in Tango and massage trends.

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The bottom line: Everyone likes massages and orgasms, so why shouldn't the two sometimes, er, come hand in hand?

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