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Erotic massage tips

Erotic Touch

This section of the site contains massage ideas for students to try out in addition to standard massage techniques with their real life partners and not with any clients.

This is the massage that either leads to sex, or serves as a replacement for sex and by definition, any erotic massage is sexual massage whereas, sensual massage can be done without any sexual content.

Erotic massage is not offered as a formal course,  in these pages are a collection of ideas to enhance your own intimate play and supplemental for students who have completed their introductory course and wish to spice up their sex lives for members. Note if you've enrolled or registered for other courses and this is not your thing, don't go here as the pages are explicit.

Recent History

Genital massage of a woman to orgasm by a physician or midwife was a standard Western medical treatment for female hysteria or distress, an ailment considered common and chronic in women. In 1653, Pieter van Foreest advised the technique of genital massage for a disease called "womb disease" to bring the woman into "hysterical paroxysm" which is an antiquated term for orgasm.  Women in those days were easily distressed and the prevailing social attitudes meant that men had little interest and were often incapable of satisfying them.  This was a time when sex was not discussed and the population very ignorant compared to today.

The masturbation service for women quickly became a legal, respectable and profitable sideline for physicians since the patients were at no risk of death and often needed constant treatment. However, the physicians found that the vaginal massage procedure (generally referred to as 'pelvic massage') was too tedious and time consuming for them. The technique was also difficult for physicians to master, it could take hours to achieve the orgasm or stress release and the vibrator was developed so women could do it themselves and lead to the 20th century sex toy industry.

Genital massage for men is a modern invention as in the past men have been free to simply have sex whenever they want for a small fee with the many available women. However with the rise of STDs, the massage with a happy ending became popular and still serves as an 'instead of' actual sex which many find more enjoyable than sex.  For the masseuse, the massage with a happy ending is a safer occupation and this massage can be a useful therapy for men as for women.

 The expression "happy ending" or "rub and tug" are colloquial terms for the service of massage combined with masturbation which is popular world wide. This service primarily for men rapidly spread after WW2, but there are reports emerging that women are seeking this service in ever greater numbers.

"The erotic is the nurturer or nursemaid of all our deepest knowledge." ~ Audre Lorde

Modern History

  • Women
    Women have become more highly empowered, they have sex toys, it's more acceptable to have multiple partners and with educational magazines like Cosmo, women are better educated and able to take care of their own stresses and sexual needs. Women still suffer the same stresses but they have more options. The masturbation service declined and became disreputable in the mid 20th century when human sexuality began to be regulated.
    A more recent twist on erotic massage for women is Tantra.  This is a  more wholesome approach and has proved effective as a personal growth tool to help overcome abuse.
  • The massage parlour
    This developed using the word 'massage' simply because prostitution was criminalised in many countries. Many massage parlours represent sensual and erotic massage at its most base, and while there may be some stress release, its generally unwholesome and weakening to the personality and the body. The massage parlour typically takes care of men with the women offering some massage as foreplay before intercourse. The expression "happy ending" or "rub and tug" are colloquial terms for the service of massage combined with masturbation which is popular world wide. This service primarily for men rapidly spread after WW2, but there are reports emerging that women are seeking this service in ever greater numbers.
  • Other massage
    With women's stresses taken care of with sex toys,  erotic massage for men is the most popular world wide form of erotic massage and its mostly women who provide a reasonable back rub followed by genital massage and masturbation until ejaculation. As with the women of the 17th and 18th centuries, the resulting stress release gave them a sense of equilibrium and temporary peace of mind and until now, there is no gadget to replace a warm hand.
  • Tantra
    At its best, tantric massage is a divine experience represented as a unity of body, mind and spirit. Tantric massage encourages deep relaxation, empowerment and communication as a step on a journey of personal growth, spiritual and sexual healing. Practitioners of tantra massage are often couples seeking greater fulfilment within them selves as individuals or couples.  or tantra massage can be a form of foreplay without sexual gratification, intended to heighten the sensitivity of an individual prior to another engagement where sexual arousal and fulfilment is intended.
    Tantra massage opens the higher consciousness of body, mind and spirit, stimulates libido and helps to overcome sexual problems like frigidity and impotency.
  • Sex Therapy
    Erotic and more often tantra massage is utilized as a sex therapy as a means of overcoming any sexual dysfunction as it stimulates the libido, increases the ability of a person to respond positively to sensual stimulus.  It helps to overcome sexual problems like frigidity, impotency and the inability to conceive, premature ejaculation.  Tantra massage enables recipients to relax and experience prolonged arousal, increased pleasure and improving reproductive health making the practise invaluable for anyone suffering sexual dysfunction and infertility.

For many the idea of erotic massage is simply another form of sex and it can be, but it can also be much more. These pages contain a few ideas, videos and links to more info. Note you must be logged in to see the pages..

There is no exact training and how you perform an erotic massage is up to your own instinct. You must be registered to view our erotic and Tantric massage guide.

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