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Holistic Bodywork

Treating the 'whole'

An advancement on massage.

Holistic Bodywork is not so much a massage style, it is an approach to massage which takes into account the whole of everything we are or even could be incorporating elements of many massage styles.

From the perspective of our body, Holistic Bodywork Treatment incorporates elements of many different bodywork modes including massage, holistic pulsing, shiatsu, reiki, energy work and chakra balancing so that during the treatment, the thinking mind is encouraged to relax to allow consciousness and feeling to become more present while the body completely relaxes.

Pressure on the muscles may be soft or firm, the limbs may be moved or manipulated to produce muscular stretches and compressions to help balance the skeletal structure.

Stress Release

Stress and negativity is created in the mind, but the mind cannot store this energy and it is stored away in all the cells of our body blocking our energy flow and even the mind itself can project energy to block energy flow and most of us at some time in our lives experience this as when in how being in a bad mood brings down the energy of a party, where as when being in an excellent mood, lifts the spirits of those around us.

Thus holistic bodywork is not just a physical experience; it facilitates healing on the mental, emotional and spiritual levels as well and for treatment to be effective, we must view all aspects of the body as one and accept that the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual are all part of the "whole" self so that when healing is effected on one level, all levels are affected.

On the physical level, through massage, stress and tension are relieved, the flow of blood and lymph is assisted and the elimination of wastes and toxins stimulated, the concept of holism or the whole person is the key to effective healing.


To understand the depth of Holistic bodywork, it helps to have an understanding of of the totality of who we are as human beings. But this is an area where new discoveries are constantly being made such as; God exists in our heart, the fluid of our lymphatic system helps to integrate our spiritual energy, that we have an aura and chakra system. Biologists, doctors and medical scientists often disagree on the above points, but millions of ordinary people understand and can actually experience what are often described as undefined phenomena.

Medical science is a rapidly evolving field, and it is evolving so rapidly that the information taught to trainee doctors has been superseded before they complete their degree and the connection or relationship between the seen and the unseen parts of our selves is not addressed or included in medical training in the similar way that a seven year medical degree course seldom includes more than a one hour lecture on diet and nutrition, how can a doctor advise on health issues if he or she is ignorant of the effects of diet on the metabolism?.

The massage industry is largely sanitised, few clinicians treat the whole body and in this age of political correctness, the front of the torso, the energy transfer areas of the hips along with the lymph drainage points are often ignored and left untreated. While this is not intended as a rebuke of the medical profession or massage industry, these issues do need to be pointed out as when a part of that person is denied, healing cannot be complete.

The successful bodywork treatment helps to provide a sense of wholeness or oneness with body and being and there are many forms of holistic bodywork from the Chiromassage in Russia (video below) to Lomi Lomi massage in the Pacific.

Combining elements of other massage styles, holistic bodywork treats the entire person including their lifestyle. In particular are non massage elements from Ayurveda and yoga.

From the dust of the earth and through the interaction of our parents, we become this physical body, but as we know, we are more than just a body. We also have our thinking mind, consciousness, feelings, emotions and what is termed a spiritual body and Holistic Bodywork seeks to treat the body in such a way that all the above elements are included, treated and balanced.

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