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Holistic Pulsing

Rocking the body

Pulsing is a gentle yet potent form of bodywork which releases stress, induces relaxation, and rebalances bodies and minds. It's ideal for those wanting a restorative relaxation treatment but too shy to undress for massage, or who want an assisted transcendental experience.

Holistic pulsing is a the rhythmic rocking of the body similar to that of rocking a baby. It's a form of energy work and for it to be performed or to be effective, the practitioner and recipient must be energetically connected so that the practitioner can maintain the uninterrupted pulse.

As the body pulses (rocks), physical stresses release and the mind is lulled into a mildly transcendental state similar to lucid dreaming. Pulsing can be applied regardless of physical condition and it may assist in recovery from illness or trauma.

For some, pulsing can be a powerful process using sound, colour and touch to reveal hidden mysteries of the human body/mind.

Holistic Pulsing NZ

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