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Myofascial release

A soft tissue therapy

lisa03First described by Andrew Taylor Still and his early students, the therapy for the treatment of skeletal muscle immobility and pain relaxes contracted muscles, improves blood and lymphatic circulation, and stimulates the stretch reflex in muscles.

Essentially it is the stretching and twisting of muscles and muscle groups.

There's little to separate myofascial release or myofascial massage from other massage styles because all muscle stretching is myofascial stretching.

It can be soft or firm

Done softly, it is a relaxation massage that may or my not include the whole body.
Done firmly, it is another approach to deep tissue massage that may or my not include the whole body.

Any competent therapist applying any massage style will in fact be doing myofascial massage as well.

I got miafacial work done yesterday because I am brave. I have never been in so much pain, I saw god, and the devil. I pretty much said jesus! a million times, and told him to take the wheel out loud. Everyone’s face in class turned white because I was making so much noise, and my hip bones snapped into place, the teacher also dug into my stomach to grab my psoas. Do you remember in hindu mythology there is a lion god that reads the innards of sinners, it felt like that, it felt like i was on top of a mayan tempal and they were digging my heart out through my rib cage. She totally kalee-i-ma-ed my my insides ( Indiana Jones reference)!  I think i passed out for a second. Or maybe a couple a minutes. That was of the devil…if I ever felt it. Oh yeah I am bruised.

Any massage that leaves a person bruised is bad practise.

Our school and this site advises against any therapy that causes further injury, even when it helps in the long term.  It is more beneficial to have several consecutive softer treatments than one strong one.

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