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Postural Integration

Aligning and balancing the skeletal structure

Have you looked at yourself in the mirror recently? Are you feeling bright as a button and enjoying all aspects of your life or is your evolution being held back?

Postural Integration is a course of holistic bodywork massage combined with personal physical training to improve body shape and the sense of wellbeing.

Do this simple test, stand in front of a big mirror and check that:

  • your shoulders are level and not hunched
  • your overall posture is upright and strong
  • you look and feel confident

Do you often suffer from headaches or stiffness and pain in your body? There are hundreds of reasons that we never quite feel 100% fit and happy, and to remedy any physical, mental or emotional suffering, Postural Integration is a process of helping individuals become aware of themselves in their body and empowering them to make changes in their bodies, feelings and thoughts enabling clients to increase their sense of well-being, their capacity to feel, their ability to express, their self-awareness and consciousness.

Following treatment clients stand taller, experience greater ease of movement, improved balance, energy and confidence. When you join these programs, not only will your posture and outlook on life improve, you will look younger and feel happier and able to deal with life's challenges. 

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