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Sensual Massage

Touch awareness & fantasy


Relaxing, sensual and maybe erotic or tantric

Many fantasise about having a sensual massage and the fantasy does no good for the mind.  Then when enquiring of sensual massage, the person is met with a wall of disapproval and rejection from therapists who try to avoid the word sensual in relation to their practise lest their personal morality and their peers disparage them.

But then there is the brothel that advertises sensual massage and one goes to be badly treated by someone who knows sex, but has no idea of how to massage.  For most who venture here the experience is perverse and valid if at least the conversation was pleasant and the sexual stress relief effective.

What is sensual massage?

All massage by definition is sensual as we perceive through our senses, however the term 'sensual massage' has come to refer to a nice back body rubdown followed by masturbation of the client (happy ending).

This service became popularised in Asia as a treatment for American servicemen in WW2, Korea and Vietnam as a practical solution for the local women who lived in poverty and didn't want to actually have sex with the mostly American men.  This sensual massage quickly spread around the world and in fairness its an easier and safer option for the service providers instead of offering full sex.



Sensual massage today

Delightfully sensual, but also healing

In countries where prostitution is legal, sensual massage therapists have improved their act and people can go to upmarket premises to have an attractive naked man or woman give them a reasonable quality massage that should be defined as erotic rather than sensual as the primary objective is most often the stress release facilitated by orgasm.  Every establishment and therapist will have rules, some allow mutual touching, some don't. Some include body slides and full body contact but without genital penetration.

Morality aside, this remains one of the worlds most popular massages and you can learn wholesome sensual massage basics in Next page.

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