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Sensual Massage tips

The Art of Sensual Massage

This section of the site contains massage ideas for students to try out in addition to standard massage techniques with their real life partners and not with any clients.

While all massage is by definition; sensual, relaxing, and good for you, please understand that sensual massage can be used for both healing and pleasure.

If your mind has jumped forward to sex, you are thinking of erotic massage. Sensual massage excludes genital contact.

Before you begin dreaming of sensual pleasure, take a little time to read and understand that sensual massage is a softer massage style that seeks to ease out aches and pains and relieve stress in a way that is pleasurable than any remedial or deep tissue treatment.

The relaxation and niceness along with the companionship of the giver make it an ideal recreational massage and something every lover should know.

What's the difference between sensual massage and erotic massage?

Sensual massage is for for healing, pleasure and deep relaxation while erotic massage works toward arousal and release or orgasm, however in practice the two styles may overlap.

Sensual massage is about setting the mood, so before you begin, set up your room and ensure it is warm, clean and free of distractions.

Anyone who knows how to massage competently can adapt to give good sensual massages.

If you have the desire to perform sensual massage, you really must learn how to give a proper massage first, so if you are not registered, you will find some useful instructions in Course 1 – Floor or bed and advanced instructions in the manuals.

Explore and find freedom of body and mind because this energy is love, sex and everything that is natural.

This course is for Opal members and above.

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