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Spa massage

Time out

As a massage therapist, the massages I've had at spa resorts have been so disappointing. The therapists have been energetically absent and displayed poor technical skills and tactile evidence of training.

For anyone who has their first massage at a spa facility will not know this and their experience will probably be pleasant and the masseuse may be nice to chat with. But few would ever bother returning for another treatment and spas rely on transient clientel.

Having massage in a spa resort is great for the corporate owners, it brings in the money and yet the therapists often earn little more than the minimum wage as like those with a little natural talent and have read a book on massage, can do enough to get by.

For anyone contemplating massage as a career, spa massage on completion of training is a good short term option for some hands on experience before moving on to do real massage work, or getting married and raising a family.

If you want to try massage and discover its healing benefits, try a therapeutic massage from an experienced clinician.

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