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Tantra Massage

Mystical enchantment

Energising and relaxing, tantra massage is a whole body treatment helpful in restoring libido and sexual function.  Tantrik or Tantric massage is perhaps best described as a 'new age phenomenon'. In practice it is an extension of sensual massage designed to harmonize the body consciousness with the recipients sexual energy.

While many puritans see this as nothing more than an aggrandized sensual or erotic massage, serious schools of thought have emerged and there are many credible institutions around the world that practice and teach tantric massage.


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The goal of the masseuse/masseur is to bring the client to a high level of sexual arousal and have them bathe in this euphoria without the release of orgasm. Although orgasm is considered one of the highest spiritual attainments for many people, extended time in this euphoric state is said to raise consciousness, improve self esteem, awareness and communication skills.

Largely ignored by the main stream massage profession, tantra is often seen as a cult, however tantra as a spiritual path is a recognized Mahayana Buddhist practice with many millions of followers and is considered the 'right hand path of tantra'. The tantra of sex of which Tantric massage is a part is considered the 'left hand path'. The debate has been going for over a thousand years as to the validity of the left hand path as a spiritual practice, and I am not about to debate this here, however it is important to note that practitioners of Tantric practices have valid spiritual and healing experiences.

As with sensual massage, Tantric massage presents an ethical dilemma for many, however it has proven to be a useful tool for healing, reaffirming an individuals belief in themselves, or to help grow and restore relationships. It is also a novel way to explore the inner reaches of one's own sexuality and Tantric massage stimulates libido.

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