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Massage Taboos

Life based on ignorance

abd_00Negotiating the politics of massage and the complexity of morality against what it means to be a complete and fully responsible human being in today's world.

Most people identify themselves as their body and mind with an ego as a public identity. This is a very limited level of awareness, or in other words a form of ignorance.

Many people like to use the expression that ignorance is bliss, however to those with a degree of enlightenment, ignorance as the root cause of suffering.

Enlightenment is a gradual process, we learn that the fire is hot and then we know not to burn ourselves. This is a form of direct knowledge, but when our lives are based around our egos, and our bodies and minds we live the lives of ignorant fools.

We owe this current state of our existence to what may generally be called karma, a process of cause-and-effect that we become bound to because of our compulsive activities based on ignorance and misplaced desire.

The American standard of massage which has swept over the world reflects religious views that the body is inherently evil and that physical pleasure is sinful in the eyes of some imaginary God.

I say imaginary God because the Gods that people believe in have no tangible and scientifically verifiable existence. To clarify my perspective of God, God is the creative principal that resides within each and every one of us.

Religions gave us an abhorrence of the human body. This began in earnest with the arrival of Christianity, a Roman invention designed to help control the population and maintain the Roman Empire. While this failed to maintain the empire, the ethics and morality were adopted by Islam and this thinking has come to dominate human life.

Returning to massage, this is both an art and a science based on human need. Those needs are essentially pain and stress relief. Pain comes in part from our physical activities whereas stress is something that develops in our relationship with the people around us, our environment and all the bullshit that goes on inside our heads.

The mind cannot store stress, so our minds store stress inside a bodies. That stored stress leads to physical, mental and emotional pain.

The art of massage depending on the knowledge and skills of the practitioner can help to alleviate all physical, mental and emotional distress, but it works best with a holistic full body massage.

However a full body massage that lets say massages in and around the anus and genitals is considered to be taboo due to the religious morality that still governs social attitudes.

In the Christian belief, any physical connection with the sexual parts of our bodies is a taboo because monogamy is an ideal, because these parts of our bodies are only for procreation and any sensory experience beyond normal body functions are so taboo that laws have been enacted to make such touching illegal.

Then we have the medical profession which also has its own morality. In recent history, medical doctors are the only people allowed by antiquated laws to proceed inside the panty line and yet under close examination, what we call as medical science is by and large and experimental science.

For instance in the case of appendicitis, a doctor will simply remove the appendix because medical science considers it superfluous to the body's needs in contradiction to the creative principal that put it there in the first place. Doctors have the privilege of being legally allowed to perform anal and rectal examinations whereas any other touching of these areas is restricted to one's personal activity the bathroom and social activity between consenting adults.

In countries like New Zealand where prostitution is legal, holistic treatments like tantra massage are becoming more sociably acceptable, however this is only within the fringe of society.

On an emotional level, will have to deal with people we refer to as a 'pain in the arse' because our association with those people often results in residual stress being stored in and around the hip area. In general terms this is the cause of my back pain, contraction of the hip muscles, a contraction within the lower abdomen leading to prostate problems in men, problems with elimination and reproductive issues for women.

Unfortunately many people associate their pelvic area with indecency and shame, as this is a place where those shameful thoughts and feelings are stored and associated with miserliness.  We refer to such people as being 'tight arse's'.

Pelvic massage

The pelvis of course is a pivotal structure in human anatomy. It is a platform atop the legs on which the spine is balanced. To hold the upper body in place, the most powerful muscles in the body run from the thighs, through and over the pelvis to hold the upper body in place.

The general stiffness we get through our lives that are generally put down to ageing is in many cases a result of stored stress. Not only does this restrict our body movements, but also affects our balance. But by far the biggest tragedy human existence is the fact that we live our lives never knowing who we are.

Anyone having the pelvic massage first time may well be anxious beforehand and usually they will then be alarmed by the discomfort as there are many pressure points around and over the few be bone and along either side of the sciatic notch. Many people also experience discomfort under around the sitting bones.

For a person who does not know how to relax, for a person who was deeply embedded in morality, such a massage can create a great deal of confusion because as massage on any other part of the body can be uncomfortable but also feel really wonderful, pelvic massage provides the same sensations and of course any sense of pleasure in the pelvic area brings up a wide range of moral issues.

For other people, the pain relief and restoration of normal feeling in the musculature around the pelvis leads to a natural desire for greater pleasure. Within tantra massage this is no problem and the genitals may be massaged to induce an orgasm.

So this comes back to the problem of morality. On a humane level without any morality such a massage has no problem for the giver or receiver, it's simply harmless fun although on a deeper level the pleasure experienced as helping to negate the negative karma all the negative energy stored within that person's body.

From a practitioner's perspective I advocate that if there is pain in the outer hips, get permission to explore down through the sciatic notch and massage the bony surface evenly but focus on points where it is painful and treat both sides of the sciatic notch evenly.

As a therapist you need to educate your clients and assure them that massage to this area is a valid treatment as it is for any other part of the body. It's time to end this discrimination and judgement.

Similarly when working on the front of the body (I should remind you here that providing you keep your conversation around health and well-being instead of gossiping or talking trivia, the entire massage will flow much better). Massaging all the bony services through the groin and around the genitals can also be painful and the stresses are normally related to problems with reproduction and elimination.

As a therapist, and providing that you are not harbouring any covert desires you may be able to educate some of your clients that they are willing to become more open in their body and mind, and by doing so you will be helping them to resolve not only their physical issues, but a karma will if left untreated have a huge negative impact in their lives in years to come.

Massaging this way extends holistic massage to its fullest and it also contains elements of Tantric massage and like all massage, there is a mix of real healing and pleasure. The people who will benefit mostly from a very detailed and firm massage in this area are those with problems with elimination, prostate and reproductive issues. The men who are experiencing significant prostate discomfort, this massage can provide more relief and help to restore function more so than many drugs.

However for the comfort of the recipient, it is best to use a bolster under the front hips and note here that there is no internal massage, it is a matter of pressing as firmly down as deep as possible without anal penetration as well as massaging and very careful detail all bony surfaces including into the corners beside the coccyx.

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1 comment to Massage Taboos

  • Helen

    All these taboos come about because we live in such a fucked up world but if you want to leave taboos behind, you need to be self-employed in this business and one of the taboos that I break with my clients who behave themselves is by working topless. Like my boobs are slightly larger than average and I sweat. If I have to wear a top, by the time I finish a massage it’s wet with oil and sweat and I have to change it reach customer but when I work topless, I don’t sweat quite so much and getting a bit of oil on myself is no problem so the end of the day I have to wash once small towel instead of six tops.
    Some new customers initially have a problem due to the general amount of sexualisation and society but because I do deep tissue work, they don’t have time to fantasise. I do this just to be more comfortable and once people get over the phobias they have about the human body, real healing takes place and life is so much nicer.

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