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Treatment and Prevention of Menstrual Difficulties

A symptom of imbalance

p-painAre you one of the millions of women who suffers from irregular, heavy periods with pain and excessive bleeding.

Such debilitation can cause days off work, depression, moodiness and an overuse of pain relief medication which may secondary negative effects on health.  Pain killers only mask the symptoms, they do not address the cause of the problem and over time, they become addictive.

Millions of women suffer from irregular and heavy periods which may include, pain and excessive bleeding.

Such debilitation may cause days off work, depression, moodiness and an overuse of pain relief medication which has secondary negative effects on her health.  Pain killers of course only mask the symptoms, they do not address the cause of the problem.

Period pain is a congestion of the body tissues caused by a lack of exercise or malnutrition and massage helps on many levels to release stress and ease congestion.

Typically with menstrual problems, any touch along the pubic bone is tender to sore, and this is the same with problems in other parts of the body, you know the benefits for tired and aching muscles. This area contains many acupuncture points and the soreness is an indication of distress within the body and regular massage helps to free up the circulation of fluids and release trapped energy and restoring the balance to relieve unpleasant symptoms.

Period pain is a congestion of the body tissues.

This congestion is a result of stress within the reproductive system. The causes are many and include:

  • sociological and mental stress
  • malnutrition
  • lack of exercise

Sociological and mental stress comes about through the verbal and energetic abuse, misunderstandings and the games that people play.  Reverence for the human body has been lost and in this itchy world, the reproductive system has become a safe place to store unresolved stress. This makes the problem a societal one and this problem would likely cease to exist had we a more equitable and just society.

In the Western world, we overeat but unfortunately many of the foods we eat are lacking in vital nutrition.  This is doubly true for those in lower socio economic areas.  The poisons found in our foods undermine our health and the dietary solution is to consume pollution free and organic produce.

A lack of exercise contributes to a general stagnation of fluid and energy exchange within our bodies. Regular physical exercise helps to maintain normal body functions and it also helps to release sociological and mental stress.

Self Care Massage

There is no woman who has not had some menstrual discomfort, heavy periods and period pain. Every woman suffers and treatment is very simple, if you're a woman, perform a detailed self massage to your own lower abdomen, pubic and groin areas to see what massage feels like.

  1. Regularly massage the lower abdomen and genital region, especially in the days before your period begins.
  2. Gently press over the entire region with your finger tips and note the texture of the tissues under your skin.
  3. Repeat making small clockwise circles moving the skin over the underlying tissues.
  4. Where you find tender or sore points, massage for a few seconds longer each time.
  5. Usually with a few treatments over a few days, the lower abdomen and pubic region will feel softer and less tender.
  6. If there is no improvement, it may pay to visit a massage practitioner.

positiveNot many women are educated about this treatment and while women happily visit gynaecologists, have babies, enemas, colonic irrigation and Brazilian waxes, the idea of massage for this problem stretches their imagination.

Therapists who have experience in this area will help educate women that this is a valid massage element that although not widely recognised can be invaluable in maintaining reproductive health as in all other areas, massage has a beneficial effect on all body parts by improving circulation, easing cellular tension and helping to eliminate toxins.

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