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towel_01[1]I'd been looking forward to this for days and finally it was about to become a reality. I'd made my appointment and arrived to a comfortably warm space where after a three minute discussion about the treatment and the few health issues and concerns I had, I was left to undress and climb on the table. As I undressed, I wondered how much I should really take off. I got down to my knickers before removing all my bling and decided that since I was here for a holistic or whole body treatment I'd go for broke and took off my knickers before climbing onto the table and pulling the sheet over myself.

When there was a knock on the door I simply replied "ready" and the gentlemen entered and commenced my treatment. He began working on my back and my body began to melt under his hands, but he also found quite a few tender spots around my outer hips as well as between my shoulders and in my neck. I was surprised to discover I had so much pain in my body and yet the pressure he was applying was only causing a mild discomfort rather than any serious agony. But I noticed that after a few minutes that those tender areas were also softening in my mind began to drift.

I was wondering to myself why I didn't do this more often as I felt so good, but then my phone chirped as a text message arrived, interrupting session and the nice music that was playing. So I asked him to pass me the phone, I turned it off and the treatment resumed. Then I noticed he was discovering muscles that I didn't know I had and one of his strokes had a really sore point in my bum which made me flinch. He opened a short discussion about that and they agreed that he could work into that area more deeply and I could feel so followed that line of discomfort.

I was amazed that my bum was so sore and that pain led his hands and fingers between my cheeks so he could massage the tender area along the sciatic notch. That's basically the bony area between the tailbone and down beside the anus into the inner groin. Apart from a few boyfriends, no one has ever touched me there. And yet, despite the tenderness, it actually felt really nice and I could feel the tenderness easing. It felt a little weird, not so much the touch itself, rather someone connect to see my bum, that secret place that I've never actually seen myself and I hoped that I wasn't smelly, even though I'd had a shower before leaving home.

But somehow I drifted off into a warm soft space as some nice tingles flowed trough my body and I fell out of it as I began to wonder how I was supposed to be feeling. So, unsure, I asked what I was meant to feel and he said "simply remain aware of your breathing and the sensations of your body". That was harder than I thought as my mind wandered from the cellulite he was squeezing in my thigh to the groceries I needed and on to the idea of sex and how this guy might perform as a lover which was an arousing thought that I was distracted away from by some more sore spots in my leg.

When he'd done the backs of both legs, he did some wonderful strokes over the entire back of my body and as he did this I recalled I'd given permission to take the sheet away and I had a self-conscious moment as I lay there butt naked. But then it all felt so nice and some how normal, but stimulating as well as relaxing and I gave up trying to figure it out. Then it was time to turn over.

I was covered as I recall when he began on my feet, but my next awareness was that I was floating in the music and then became aware my leg was bent and a pain in my calf muscle bought us back into conversation. My mind followed his hands and fingers in some delicious moves over my knee and on into my thighs, body parts I prefer not to show. But here there was tenderness which he rubbed, kneaded and stroked with care as he again followed the pain deep in around my groin. I could feel the sheet against my bits and decided not to feel embarrassed as it's not like the invasiveness of a genital exam.

It's so much nicer, yet not the touch of a lover who is wanting, it was a touch of giving and I found myself desiring more pleasure, but every now and then, there were points of painful distraction which led to a discussion about my monthly. The other leg followed with similar uncomfortable results to be followed by a blissful sense of relief as he moved onto by belly. I felt a moment of embarrassment about my scars and stretch marks, but he never hesitated and I soon relaxed and had some moments of bliss as he massaged around and over my pubic area.

I wondered why I was not aroused as usually when someone touched me there, I was hot to trot.. but it was just nice with a few tender spots and I noted how he was careful not to make actual genital contact and I entertained a few thoughts that that would be so nice.... But then his hands moved on over my ribs and chest. I don't have much of a bust and I enjoyed the contrast between him sliding his fingers between my ribs and then massaging my boobs. You know it was just nice, and after having babies and lovers sucking and playing, this was just so nice although on the second I began to get a bit turned on and I felt my nipple erect.

I took a peek and he seemed to be in a trance as he moved in time with the music and I drifted off. My next memory was of my head being gently held and my body feeling warm and alive. Then after he left me to get up and dress, I knew I was real and a valid human being and enjoyed the oily glow of my skin which I took a minute to examine.

Alone in my bed that night I shed a few tears and reviewed parts of my life, then before sleep I realised I was okay but needed more of that touch.

If you need touched, I'd recommend Dave.

Jan Sales, Feb 2012.

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