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Naked and Natural

Seeing ourselves as beautiful in the raw


Celebrate your freedom

I've discussed a little about our bodies and ourselves, and our need to get over our hangups or learned value judgements about our bodies primarily because such ideology is self limiting.

We are
Born naked and

Clothed in confusion

Many societies are deeply divided about how we should see ourselves and see the world, but if we are to survive as a species then we must come to terms with our own nature and the nature of our environment.

There are lots of stories on the web concerning naturism and the more I read the more I understand the theoretical ideology that self acceptance of our bodies opens doors to greater freedom in our minds.

Naturalists or naturists are people who practice social nudity. They exist in such significant numbers that around the world there are many clothes free resorts and beaches.  Naturists are inclined this way for the simple freedom that this lifestyle offers.  Going to a naked resort or spending time naked can be seen as something akin to taking a spiritual retreat as one becomes immersed in a more natural way of being that is restorative for the mind.

It may be helpful to recall that over the span of human history, clothing is a relatively new phenomenon. Clothing has many uses besides keeping us warm and protecting our skin from what may damage us.  However the primary roles of clothing today are to satisfy the moralists and to identify ourselves as belonging to a particular social group.

There is a general consensus among naturists that when we shed our clothes, we also shed the constraints of social status represented by clothing by which we are often judged. Ideally, naturists make no such judgements, they simply get to know the real person within.


More likely he's experiencing brain fade

However, getting your kit off outside of designated places like your bathroom or public changing areas requires some effort. So just think, we are born naked and we leave our clothes behind when we die, so why do we have such a problem with wearing only our own skin?

It comes down to our social conditioning and concepts of our body image. So many people spend their entire their lives tortured by insecurity about perceived ‘faults' with their bodies and this leaves them suffering form low self esteem and a sense of inferiority.

But we all have imperfections and it's helpful to remember those images in the magazines are often artistic creations.  We all have blemishes, scars and ‘imperfections' and naturism helps us to understand and overcome this, and it helps to realise that the human body can be celebrated for its diversity and not seen as an object of shame.



Gran hopes to shield the boy from the truth of existence from her grandson. By doing so, he will remain ignorant and open to manipulation.

Church and state have colluded for almost 2000 years and at times have come close to making the human body a crime.  Over the generations the moralists have decided how we should dress and behave, however most sane people instinctively rebel at this craziness.

The moral purpose is to exercise power and control over the population for financial reward as an ignorant and obedient workforce is what the rulers desire.  But note; there are different rules for the rich and powerful.

Moral law does not apply to the ruling classes and they are noted for their hedonism and indulgence in sensual pleasure.

 The heart asks pleasure first


Our media propaganda is the human body in so many different ways by presenting idolised and often unrealistic bodies as standards we should all conform to and then poking fun at those who don't conform.

This presentation of fashion distorts our minds and alters the public psyche to an extent that a large percentage of the population believe that they are not physically or intellectually equal to the models on TV. The knowledge that beauty is something more than skin deep resonates with many as most of the world's brilliant thinkers and creative artists have average bodies that do not conform to any model ideal.  The people that we see in the media may be lovely to look at, but the lines they deliver are more likely written by someone far less attractive.

The more you mix  with other naked people and you are constantly exposed to people with different bodies, men and women's, of all ages, shapes and sizes, you'll quickly understand that we are all flawed and that while the body is important, it's not in appearance, but as a vehicle for our soul.

The health of our children

Allowing our children to see the human body as it really is helps to ground them in reality. Some children are fortunate in that they get to see their parents naked, but those most fortunate others who get to spend time at naked social functions the beach or a club. If children are to grow into responsible citizens, they need to fully understand the facts of life.

The media presents a sexualised view of the human body and this is picked up by the masses and by our children that leads to body image problems and emotional confusion that prevents proper growth, development and success in life.

Nudity is nothing to do with sexuality

Despite all our social conventions, we have always been intrigued by our own form and the human body rendered as an art form. The human body is not inherently sexual and it is well recognised that there is nothing particularly sexual in being naked or in nude art unless you as an individual sexualise it within your own mind.

Human sexuality is another area in life where there as a great deal of confusion, but sexuality begins in the mind and not the body. Therefore when we get to spend time naked with each other we begin to ground ourselves in nature.

By grounding ourselves in nature, and it matters not if we are two, ten, thirty or any age. This exposure to our fundamental selves gives our minds a balance and strength that we can choose to be less affected by the tides of social ideology.

Self acceptance without judgement is the most stable foundation for our life.

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