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Natural Beauty Tips

It's more about being our best than how we look

Some still say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder while others say beauty is only skin deep.

Beauty does not judge yet we are drawn to and inspired by beauty.

Beauty is in all life including:

The human form, it’s elements, the warmth of smiles, ideas, nature and all that gives life

We acknowledge and appreciate the beauty in others and the world yet often want to beautify it more.

In being beautiful we accept our place in nature and who we are

We strive to be whole and healthy.

We care for our bodies

We conform yet desire to be better or more beautiful

Beauty is diminished by

Unmanageable stress, lack of sleep, poor food and lifestyle choices, the poisons in our lives and environment

Beauty is enhanced by

Balancing our lifestyle and exercising

Eating well

Having a strong and able body mind

Our skin is lathered, rinsed and dried yet excess chemical erodes our beauty.  Sweat followed by a warm wash and cold rinse opens the pores and releases grime.  The cold rinse contracts and tones the skin, helps circulation and blocks grime.  Regular massage does to our skin and face what many potions take credit for by helping to relax and assist the musculature to find balance.

Being true to our hearts creates a beauty that resonates in the heart of all eyes.

Skin care

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