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Nude yoga

Lets get naked

megNude yoga in it's true sense is a very legitimate and effective yoga practice. It's real purpose has nothing to do with sex and eroticism, but as nude yoga is flourishing, I would like to help shed some light and clear any misunderstandings on this radical, but valid approach to yoga.

Naked yoga in general belongs to a particular sect of Yogis, who have practised this method for many thousands of years now in India. They are called Naga Sadhus and this title describes well the philosophy and thinking that is central in their approach to yoga and spirituality. The word Naga means naked, and the word Sadhu implies one who has renounced the world completely.

The Naga Sadhus travel between holy places and ashrams where they devote themselves to the discovery of their True Divine Nature. While there are esoteric and symbolic meanings behind what is means to be a naked yogi, practising yoga naked in your own home or class is a little different.

The idea of practising yoga naked is to eliminate the distraction of clothing on the body and to give the body greater sensory access to the atmosphere. On a practical level this helps develop true sense perception within all the yoga practices..

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