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Rounded Shoulders

Stand tall like you are proud to be who you are

We typically see that most techies slouch, hunch and have rounded shoulders while sitting at a computer; but it’s also become normal while standing and walking, and not just for techies, but for an increasing percentage of the community.

That body language says “I'm looking down only, don’t look at me, don’t talk to me, I'm shy, unhappy, unworthy of any eye contact”  This collapse of body posture has a variety of causes resulting from our interaction with the world and the problems when they manifest are a result of many years of accumulated stress.

The upper back and shoulders become like body armour because so many people are literally stabbing us on the back and one of the reasons why gossip needs to be avoided. Many people are overwhelmed by the flood of energy, much of it misdirected and oftentimes malicious which overloads our hearts and other senses. This causes the chest to collapse in the shoulders to come forwards.  These are the energetic imprints we all program into our muscles in order to shield ourselves from harm. Little coagulations of old thoughts and feelings which attach to various places in our physical bodies.


Degenerative posture

The collapse and as illustrated in the image to your right clearly demonstrates the collapsed chest and a more rounded thoracic spine. What is also happening here is that the rib cage is pressing down into the abdominal organs impeding their function as well as compressing the heart lungs and liver.

Over a long period of time this collapse becomes a permanent fixture and is a cause of ill health, depression, and in woman as you can see here, it causes the breasts to set lower on the chest which in the long term will impair their health.

A treatment program here would involve a course of whole body massage, a yoga exercise program and esteem building.

One of the most common complaints I come across is acute upper back, neck and shoulder tension arising from improper posture, muscle imbalances and reaction to stress. A primary source of pain is the upper trapezius muscle which lies along the top of each shoulder attaching to your neck and base of head. It’s the big one you can grab with your opposite hand. This muscle is often overused because of it’s size and the ease of use it has over other smaller muscles. It’s job is to help elevate the shoulders so when people are stressed or even cold, we tend to over recruit them to shrug our shoulders towards the ears.

Improper posture also increases tension to your upper trapezius muscles.  Sitting or standing with a rounded back and shoulders will place additional strain on the muscle. Many of us spend an extensive amount of time in a state of flexion or rounding forward. Think of all the time you might spend sitting (at work and home), sleeping on your side, driving and lifting throughout your day.

Mechanically speaking we round our shoulders because the pectoral muscles, which are very big and strong, tighten to pull our shoulders forward. At the same time we are often weak in the mid back muscles, middle trapezius and rhomboids, which are often under utilized along with the rotator cuff muscle group. These muscle imbalances will result in poor positioning of your shoulders commonly resulting in chronic shoulder/neck tension and pain.

The majority of people love getting massages to the upper shoulder musculature.  Therapists can help alleviate the symptoms brought on by rounded shoulders but a comprehensive holistic approach is needed to make any progress toward recovery.


If you feel you have a problem with constant or recurrent shoulder tension please seek the advice of a healthcare practitioner. If left unchecked this can lead to further postural imbalances, dysfunction and pain that is more difficult to treat. You may also struggle with common problems such as numbness in the upper extremity, shoulder/rotator cuff tendonitis and carpal tunnel syndrome that can be directly traced back to your posture. What really convinces clients to get some resolve is when I tell them they’ll turn into a little old hunchback! Don’t let this be you…

So, hold your head up,  shoulders back, and face the world, you are worthy. Make eye contact, smile and say hello. Look up at the sky look beyond where where you are going, your feet will go in the right place, enjoy the day.

LS and input from Tumblr.

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