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The most versatile garment

1sarong[1]The ever popular the sarong is one of the worlds most practical garments for men and women and in the videos below you can learn how to tie and wear them.

Sarongs are essential for the beach and much easier to launder than towels. At the beach or pool you just untie and go, and by loosening off your sarong, you can change without leaving the beach!

Handy to wear around the home, sarongs are great for lounging around in nothing could be more appropriate and they can also be very sexy. As you don't have to get in and out of them like shorts, skirts, or sundresses, they can be tied in many ways or opened as a sheet for that afternoon nap or if you're a naturist, kept handy to answer the door.

The sarong can be tied many ways and worn simply as a skirt with your choice of top as illustrated left. Byb learning te different way of tying one, the one sarong becomes many garments.

The mini sarong is the versatile skirt for massage work or any social occasion and unlike most skirts, they allow free movement and aren't going to hobble you if you have to move quickly.

The half sarong measures approximately 66" x 22" inches.

In the massage clinic the sarong provides a bright refreshing change for the clients as well as for the therapist. They are light, breathable and being cotton, don't mess with your energy and help in colour therapy. Use them as sheets over and under the client or wear them your self to keep cool.

Typically the sarong is a large (6x4 foot) length of colourful fabric that can wrapped around the waist as a skirt, tied above the bust or behind the neck. They come in a myriad of fabrics, from beautiful sheer see-thru sarongs to cool and breathable gauze sarongs. We have both long and short sarongs and a variety of colours..

Sarongs are known by other names in other parts of the world, including Kangas in Africa, Pareos in South Pacific region, A Sri, or sari in India, Wraps in USA.

Our school has a limited number of Sarongs for sale, ask the tutor.

Tips to to tie and wear sarongs

To use sarongs in the massage clinic instead of sheets and towels, it is advised that you use your sewing machine to run a reinforcing thread across each end because the tassels often get tangled and tear back into the fabric. Another option would be to cut the tassels off and make a proper hem.

A fashion touch:


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  • Charlotte

    Thanks for the information. I gotta say that the sarong is one of my favourite garments and I have many for all occasions but I sometimes find that when I’m wearing one day as I often do, they sometimes come little loose and need retying every few hours

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