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Sensuality and Pleasure

Perception and safety


Dancing Colours by Neijman

The words sensual and pleasure for most people immediately conjure up a sexually related images, yet sensuality is much more that that. It covers all our senses, some that may still be dormant.

We experience our world through our senses and yet there is no agreement as to the nature of our senses beyond the traditional “five senses” of sight, hearing, touch, smell, and taste as defined by Aristotle back in about 350 BC.

Some people think that we have many other senses for instance;  achievement, telepathy, joy, bliss, euphoria, empathy and compassion which are sometimes referred to as higher senses, and we may have more.

We learn to respond (or react) to our senses through education and life experience. When we burn our selves with fire/heat, it causes pain. We learn to avoid repeating that experience, but we learn to enjoy and take pleasure in exposing ourselves to what feels good or pleasurable.

In other words, we learn to trust our senses and use them to help shape our lives by avoiding pain (displeasure) and following a path more pleasurable.

When suffering stress, people seek reward
When happy, people seek pleasure

Key to our good health

To remain healthy; all our senses need to regularly experience pleasure for us to remain healthy and to do this, we need to regularly indulge in sensual pleasures that satisfy the five senses.  Such pleasures do not need to be excessive and can be as simple as fresh water when thirsty, a long hot bath when tired, a meaningful conversation, being touched, beautiful music and from here, you can build your own list of what you need.

Did you know that most edible and non toxic plants are slightly sweet?
This helped our  ancestors select foods that were safe to eat and
anything with a nasty taste was usually discarded. 

Damage to our senses

In a lifestyle out of balance, the senses get abused and increased doses or exposure are needed to induce the same sense of pleasure. As the senses become insensitive, they fail to serve our best interests and we become ill.  This imbalance can be relationships and sex, chocolate cake, heroine, thrill seeking and anything that triggers our senses.

It's interesting to note here the rise in the numbers of BDSM services
to cater for the increasing numbers of men and women who
knowingly participate in creating social injustice.

The only cure is a balancing of the senses by providing regular pleasurable stimulation to our five senses, and when these are working in harmony, the person becomes more 'normalised' and the higher senses will become more active.

Some say that by being sensual, we are more able to experience our masculine (god)  feminine (goddess) self without fear, laying the grounds and developing the respect and allowing the sensual self to come out and explore freely.

You have permission to indulge without causing harm to self and others.

But beware the delusions 🙂

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