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Sexuality as a disease

Unravelling humanity

I have already discussed some of the problems with sexuality, and this post follows from the last.

Human morality is an aberration of consciousness and a social construct designed to help control the population. It dictates which body parts can be displayed in public and this comes from a sense of morality espoused by the Church of Rome and the priests unable to understand or deal with the human body.

Sex is natural and we engage in sexual activity for many reasons; primarily it is for procreation, secondly it is for social bonding and thirdly for stress relief. Sex is a natural physiological drive which is distorted by sexuality.

In Western civilisation right now, almost everything desirable has some association with sex and sex is used to market a wide range of goods and services. People when they dress are expected to conform to the dress standard of their social class and what is seen as being sexy by one's peers.

In order to be sexy and to have sex appeal, individuals must conform to certain standards and when they do so they are accepted within their social class.  If they perform well enough in doing sexy, their social status may be elevated.


In the left image our porn stars at the 2014 AVN porn awards and in the right image our society women at a Metropolitan Gala event. In terms of sexualisation, the porn stars look like normal people whereas the celebrity women appear as someone's sex fantasy.

This can be clearly seen in Hollywood where the female stars in particular do their utmost to look like some sexual fantasy and the men conform to and set masculine stereotypes. Young people growing up have their lives and values coloured by these images which sets the tone for their lives.

In order to fit in, younger women are expected to remove their leg, pubic and underarm hair whereas forearm hair is more sociably acceptable. Not every woman is built to Hollywood specifications and around the world millions of women who can't establish their true sense of self or who do not conform are prone to suffering from depression and compulsive disorders.

The same is true for men and young men in particular have trouble fitting in which is reflected in their high suicide rate, and this is also no doubt influencing the binge drinking culture of today's youth. Added to this is the distortion of the female body and ideas about relationships.

The consequence of the sexualisation of society is that there is a distortion of body image which creates a nasty twist on human reality compounding the abusiveness of poor political governance and morality.

Sexuality is a disease that further separates people from their humanity and from each other. Unfortunately this will not go away anytime soon as the problem is actually getting worse.

As an individual, what can I do?

  1. Spend some time naked every day.
    If possible get naked outdoors in the sunshine for 10 to 20 minutes every day before the sun gets too hot. The sun is beneficial for your skin and it absorbs vitamin D which your body needs and often lacks because we spend insufficient time outdoors. If your skin is of a darker complexion, you may want to spend two or three times as long in the sunshine for your skin to absorb vitamin D.
  2. Understand that you are not your body.
    Your body is an accumulation of the food you have eaten over your lifetime and the cells within your body are replaced frequently during your lifetime - therefore you cannot be your body. Identification of yourself as a body limits you to a very mundane physical existence and likely traps you into false societal values.
  3. Understand that you are not your mind.
    What we call our mind is a collection of impressions, a collection of ideas that may or may not be true. Believing in your own mind as if it were some kind of truth is even worse than identifying yourself as your body. Believing what is in your head gives permission walk over people and this is what creates the ruthlessness an violence within civilisation.

By spending time naked, you can get over your body and your mind but the real nakedness comes in meditation when you give time to yourself and you begin to discover that you exist beyond body and mind. In other words you discover and identify yourself as a soul or consciousness that exists independent of body and mind.

When you can identify yourself as a soul or consciousness, the body is seen as a vehicle which you then have the opportunity to maintain as you see fit, much as you would the car that you drive. Similarly your mind is an operating system that you have the capacity to modify so that it serves your life instead of limiting it.

Sexuality limits and distorts life, many people do not realise they are caught in this trap, but you can break free by a first becoming naked with yourself and then with other people - it is a return to innocence and freedom of spirit that is essential for anyone wanting he be a healer or to deliver pleasure without hooks.

Sex is Natural, Sexuality is Not

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