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Soul Mates

Do you have a soul mate and how can you tell of it's a particular person?

One Soul - An illusion by Ines Honfi

The idea of soulmates is something we dream about when we think about forming a relationship or finding some significant other. The subject has become immensely popular and some people when they believe they have found their soulmate are ecstatically happy for a while, but quite often we see around us that people who believe they have found it connected to their soulmate end up having a rather unhappy separation which can result in a deeper unhappiness that many referred to as depression.

However the soul is something we only experience in our deepest meditations as while the body is a vehicle for our soul, our soul is a witness to this life that may also prompt the individual to make better decisions. Therefore there is no such thing as a soulmate.

What there is instead is an acceptance that this is life and to make life pleasant, we simply have to learn to get along. Even what we define as love is an affair of body and mind that has little to do with the soul which likely sits back in amusement without any judgements as it witnesses all our doings and reactions.

To be happy and love and have a successful relationship, all we need is a willingness to get along as well is a genuine feeling of appreciation and affection towards that significant other, but there is no soul involvement here.

Of course we live in a world of self-proclaimed experts who proclaim that there is some mysterious knowing that you have found your soulmate within the context of love, joy and happiness. All these proclamations about soulmates give some people something to think about and for others the idea causes a great deal of anxiety as they struggle to find and recognise their potential soulmate.

When it comes to love and romance, we simply need to find someone who is physically and intellectually compatible as well as having the capability to agree to get along. As for our relationships and marriage itself, these are generally coming together and learning experiences that may or may not last a lifetime.

If you want to truly understand and be who you are, set aside the expectation of a soulmate and as Sadhguru says; "look to create a pleasantness that has the capacity to endure".

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