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Should You Wear a Brassier?

Cosmetic fashions have consequences

A brassiere or bra is an item of women’s clothing that began life simply as a piece of cloth that restrained the breasts. With development over the generations the bra developed into the garment we know today consisting of two cups that totally or partially cover or support the breasts.

A Brief Ancient History of the Bra

Minoan palace scene from an old book about ancient civilizations. Larger image

The Minoan Women of Crete used […]

Cannabis in The News

Getting stoned is only a small part of the story

Cannabis plant

Most people have some familiarity with marijuana or cannabis through the media if not from personal use. Researchers say that as many as 60% of all New Zealanders have tried it and there are a significant number of regular users.

Usually in our news we hear about people being busted, but now the news is turning to legalisation, huge tax windfalls for governments, miracle cures, less crime […]

Tan Safely This Summer

Brown, Don’t Burn

Most of us have grown up with the ideal that a tanned skin is a healthy skin. But as good sometimes to remember that the process of turning as a process of burning or singeing the outer layer of our skin cells.

Our skin is designed to withstand some sun exposure, but when we get too much we experience the pain of sunburn and the discomfort of our skin peeling. Having this happen a few times in […]