Life is meant to be blissful
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Rounded Shoulders

Stand tall like you are proud to be who you are

We typically see that most techies slouch, hunch and have rounded shoulders while sitting at a computer; but it’s also become normal while standing and walking, and not just for techies, but for an increasing percentage of the community.

That body language says “I’m looking down only, don’t look at me, don’t talk to me, I’m shy, unhappy, unworthy of any eye contact” This collapse of body posture has […]

Sadness and Anger

Dealing with emotions

If you can float between being angry and being sad, both become similarly easy. You will have a transcendence and then you will be able to watch, and escape.

Anger and sadness are both the same. Sadness is passive anger and anger is active sadness. Because sadness comes easy, anger seems to be difficult. Because you are too much in tune with the passive.

It is difficult for a sad person to be angry. If you can […]

Stress Relief

The failure to know life

Humanity suffers a wide range of personal and natural stress and disasters which cause anxiety, negative judgements, unresolved anger, pain, grief and suffering.

In times of stress, everyone has different coping methods, some may sit with friends and family over cups of tea to discuss the problem, some may pray to God, others turn to alcohol or drugs, others may workout and enjoy the power of their bodies.

While tea, conversations and the company of […]