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Massage Attire

Practicality and aesthetics

Clothing is determined by local customs and those people who perform a superficial part body treatment as performed in many beauty therapy establishments will probably have a uniform. The therapists performing other styles of massage like shiatsu without any oils are free to choose although the best clothing option is comfortable and made from pure cotton.

Just as some professions wear uniforms, many spas and salons provide uniforms that staff must adapt to, but this page is […]


The most versatile garment

The ever popular the sarong is one of the worlds most practical garments for men and women and in the videos below you can learn how to tie and wear them.

Sarongs are essential for the beach and much easier to launder than towels. At the beach or pool you just untie and go, and by loosening off your sarong, you can change without leaving the beach!

Handy to wear around the home, sarongs are great […]