Life is meant to be blissful
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Holisim and Nudism

Or daring to bare

The idea that the body is perverse and needs regulated is a perversion of perception and understanding

Looking back at history we can see that clothing is a modern invention, and something most of us despite our resistance as children have developed an attachment to so much so that most people are afraid to bare all in public. The Christian church helped reform peoples attitudes to their bodies and like pleasure, bodies became something to […]

Naked and Natural

Seeing ourselves as beautiful in the raw

Celebrate your freedom

I’ve discussed a little about our bodies and ourselves, and our need to get over our hangups or learned value judgements about our bodies primarily because such ideology is self limiting.

We are Born naked and Clothed in confusion

Many societies are deeply divided about how we should see ourselves and see the world, but if we are to survive as a species then we must come […]

Tan Safely This Summer

Brown, Don’t Burn

Most of us have grown up with the ideal that a tanned skin is a healthy skin. But as good sometimes to remember that the process of turning as a process of burning or singeing the outer layer of our skin cells.

Our skin is designed to withstand some sun exposure, but when we get too much we experience the pain of sunburn and the discomfort of our skin peeling. Having this happen a few times in […]