Life is meant to be blissful
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What is Holistic?

No ‘thing’ can exist or be understood except in relationship to the whole.

But what is the whole?

To begin to understand holism, we must first suspend our disbeliefs and open our minds to infinite possibilities. Holisim is a paradigm which explains who we are, why we are here and how we can live our lives in harmony with ourselves and our natural world.

Holism takes into account the whole of our knowledge from what is accepted as the big […]

Sexuality as a disease

Unravelling humanity

I have already discussed some of the problems with sexuality, and this post follows from the last.

Human morality is an aberration of consciousness and a social construct designed to help control the population. It dictates which body parts can be displayed in public and this comes from a sense of morality espoused by the Church of Rome and the priests unable to understand or deal with the human body.

Sex is natural and we engage in sexual […]

Parvati to Shiva

The ultimate question

By way of introduction, Shiva was the first yogi who lived some 15,000 years ago. His wife Parvati played a role in bringing Shiva away from ascetic isolation into creative participation in the world. He is referred to the Adiyogi and his first students went to the continents to share the wisdom.

One day The Goddess sang to her lover Bhairava

Beloved and radiant Lord of the space before birth, Revealer of essence, Slayer of the […]

Getting Massaged

Your body is not the problem, you are the problem

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Human Behaviour

Motivated by desires

Something we don’t see every day

Behaviour is governed by our needs for water, food, shelter, possession and pleasure which often causes a great deal of suffering and injustice. Human Behaviour is ever changing in response to our earthly and social environmental in order to survive, however human memory is short and much of our behaviour is reactive rather than planned for our long term survival.

At this time when the population of the […]

The ‘whole’ in Holistic

Complete inclusiveness

The idea of the ‘whole’ in holistic is something to challenge the brain cells as it includes everything that once was as well as our future and current potential.

To get a handle on this lets be positive and celebrate the fact that we are where we are, like if you are reading this you really are blessed.

The handle consists of past, future and present, so lets consider the past starting as far back as we can […]

Spiritual truths

Inspiration to end suffering

You must take responsibility for your own choices & actions, for you learn nothing until you take ownership of your life.

All things pass, pain is temporary, it comes to teach a lesson & when the lesson is understood it disappears into the night.

Life does not always give you what you want, but if you look closely you will see that it gives what you need for growth.

You cannot expect life to change for […]

Creative Systems Thinking

A Zen Approach

“It has been said that the highest wisdom lies in detachment, or, in the words of Chung-Tzu, ‘The perfect man employs his mind as a mirror; it grasps nothing; it refuses nothing; it receives, but does not keep.’ Detachment means to have neither regrets for the past nor fears for the future; to let life take its course without attempting to interfere with its movement and change, neither trying to prolong the stay of something pleasant nor […]

Saving humanity

Without freedom, we cannot be whole

This is something which few people give much thought to as they are so tied up in the ‘now’ worrying about the past or future. Very few people seem to realise that we are living in a profit driven world where human values, human rights and the future, not only of humanity but of all life on earth is coming under an increased threat.

Most people on this planet are struggling to survive, they […]

Yoga and Politics

Inner and outer Journeying

The recognised Masters and pundits associated with the path of yoga (or path of unity) have always reiterated that the comings and goings on in the external world are simply distractions and that students on the path should avoid being caught up.

In India, in countries where the ideals of yoga are an embedded tradition within society, those who are seeking self-realisation and exploring the depths of inner space have always had accepted place within that […]